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11 things I learnt at #commscamp

19th July 2017

After reading the excellent blog posts on #commscamp by Steph (20 things), and Paul (10 things) I thought I’d choose 11 things I have learnt at commscamp – partly in homage to the brilliant Burnistoun sketch (feel free to Google it).

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One Team Gov

11th July 2017

I went along to the #oneteamgov event which sought to bring together ‘UK policymakers, service designers, digital professionals and cross-sector experts to talk openly and creatively about making government in the UK more effective by working together’.

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Playing the digital engagement game

13th May 2016

We recently had an interesting workshop with colleagues in the Directorate for Economic Development, talking over the many different strands of their work, and identifying which could be ripe for development as a digital engagement exercise.

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22nd October 2015

This week we finally did something we’ve been wanting to do for some time. We switched over to our new consultation hub. We have been using it for a good while, but since Monday it is the way we now do all our consultations.

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Democratic Sector Day

6th March 2015

Yesterday I joined a whole lot of interesting and passionate people at Democracy Sector Day, organised by Oliver Escobar and colleagues from What Works Scotland.

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