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Animals and animal products after Brexit

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Scotland does not want to leave the EU but there is a strong risk that we may end up leaving without a deal in place on 31st October 2019.

While the Scottish Government is doing as much as it can to mitigate the impact of leaving the EU, we will not be able to prevent or address every impact.

Leaving the EU will mean things we are used to happening, or which we agreed to as part of a Member State, will no longer stand.

This note sets out what you need to do what you need to do to ensure you can continue to transport live animals into and out of the EU after Brexit.


In January 2018, the EU Commission confirmed that in the event of a No Deal scenario, the EU would not accept Transporter Authorisation, Certificates of Competence or Vehicle Approval Certificates issued by a UK authority.

Any transporter wishing to transport live animals into the EU will need to obtain new transport documentation issued by one of the remaining EU 27 Member States.

It is not a requirement for vehicles to be registered in a particular EU member state in order to obtain a Vehicle Approval Certificate from that member state.

UK-issued transportation documentation would remain valid for transport within the UK only.

The UK Government and Devolved Administrations have agreed to continue to accept EU Transport Authorisations in order to minimise delays for animals entering the UK that might otherwise compromise their welfare. As such, current rules will not change for transporters wishing to transport live animals into the UK.


So what do you need to do to ensure you can continue to transport live animals into and out of the EU after Brexit?

You will need to take the following steps:

• UK transporters will need to appoint a representative within an EU country and apply to their relevant government department in that country to obtain a valid Transporter Authorisation, Certificate of Competence, Vehicle Approval Certificate and, where necessary, a Journey Log

• If Journey logs are required, they would need to be obtained from both APHA and the EU country that is the initial point of entry into the EU for export. Exporters would need to present their transport documentation at the correct Border Inspection Post in the EU


For further information on how to do this after Brexit, please visit the UK Government Brexit pages.

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