Rural and Environment

  • In conversation: Natural Environment Minister Marie Gougeon discusses the Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy

    26th November 2020 by

    We spoke to Marie Gougeon, Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment, about the Scottish Government’s recently published Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy.                                                                                      ...

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  • In the news: mechanical dredging trials

    11th December 2019 by

    You may have seen in the news or on social media discussion about mechanical dredging trials. A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “No mechanical dredging trials have been commissioned or are planned. The Seaweed review group has agreed for the need for a desk study to consider what any appropriate pilot study approach could be. However,...

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  • Challenging advice for fishermen expected

    28th June 2019 by

    Fisheries Secretary Fergus Ewing comments on the joint recommendations for landing obligations which will come into effect in 2020. Mr Ewing said: Fishermen across the country will be aware of the imminent publication of advice which could have a major bearing on what species they can catch, and in what quantities in the coming year....

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  • Women in the Rural Economy: Part 10

    8th March 2019 by

    To mark International Women's Day, Rural Affairs Minister Mairi Gougeon blogs about her experience of being a women in politics and the rural economy. I was fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by strong-minded and politically active women in my family, so discussion (or ever so slightly heated debate!) was common at home. I went through school and university quite confident, not ever considering that my gender was an issue, I suppose that only really hit me when I was elected as a councillor for the first time during my last year of university.

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  • Women in the Rural Economy: Part 8

    7th March 2019 by

    As we continue to celebrate women in the rural economy, Julie Hesketh-Laird, chief executive of Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation blogs about her experience and career to date. As I approach my first anniversary in the salmon farming industry, I am struck by how different my initial expectations were compared to the reality of the exciting and diverse industry I now know.

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  • This week: 15/02/19

    15th February 2019 by

    Biodiversity Challenge Fund Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham announces a £2 million Biodiversity Challenge Fund. Funding will be used to create new habitats, and improve existing ones, safeguarding our native species and encouraging more access to nature. Read more Rural Economy Action Group A new group tasked with bringing the rural economy to the forefront of...

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  • “Tariff-free trade only viable option for Scottish seafood” – Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing

    10th December 2018 by

    “As the deadline to Brexit ‘D-day’ approaches, we’re gradually beginning to get a clearer picture on what the various scenarios could mean for Scottish industry. “Some of those arguing the case for leaving the European Union have been keen to reassure UK business that the inevitable downturn or loss in trade to the European market...

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  • Weekly round-up: 07/12

    7th December 2018 by

    Fisheries and Aquaculture funding Fisheries Secretary  Fergus Ewing announced £4.8 million has been awarded to 29 fishery and aquaculture projects across Scotland, helping coastal communities to diversify their economies and transition to sustainable fishing.         Young People’s Food and Drink event The Scottish Government has pledged £7.5 million until 2020 to support...

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  • Environmental news round-up

    2nd November 2018 by

    Read on to discover the latest Greener Scotland news from over the last week. New Plastics Economy Global Commitment The Scottish Government has signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment as part of our efforts to eliminate plastic pollution. The Commitment is an important way to encourage focused action on plastics by governments, urban centres and...

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  • Tackling marine plastics

    29th October 2018 by

    Scotland has shown leadership in resource use, increase in recycling and reduction in waste because we understand that we cannot continue to ignore the impact we are having on the natural world. The Blue Planet and Drowning in Plastics programmes brought home the horrific reality of that impact. Taking action on plastic waste and furthering our aims for a circular economy for the benefit of a global society is a crucial part of our agenda. That is why Scotland has taken the lead on plastics and will continue to do so.

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