Exploring Differences in Cancer Patient Experiences

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A report exploring differences in peoples’ experiences of cancer care was published today. It looks at the relationship between peoples’ responses to the 2015/16 Scottish Cancer Patient Experience Survey and a range of factors. This kind of analysis will help our understanding of the differences in experience between different groups of people. It will also assist in identifying where to target future improvements.

Exploring Differences: Key FindingsExploring Differences in Cancer Patient Experiences Report Image

The key findings of the report are:

  • Having an easy to contact Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) has a positive impact on an individual’s experience.
  • There is a strong positive link between knowing you have a care plan and having a positive experience.
  • A person’s experience may be more negative if their cancer has remained or spread following treatment.
  • The type of tumour a person has will affect their experience.

The full report is available at

Scottish Cancer Patient Experience Survey

The Scottish Cancer Patient Experience Survey covers all of the cancer care journey. From thinking that something might be wrong, through to the support received after acute care and treatment. National results, published in June 2016, revealed that 94% of people had a positive experience of cancer care overall. They also highlighted some areas of care which require service improvement.

More details on the survey can be found at

Scottish Care Experience Survey Programme

The Scottish Cancer Patient Experience Survey is one of four national surveys in the Scottish Care Experience Survey Programme. The survey programme aims to provide local and national information on the quality of health and care services from the point of view of those using them. The surveys allow local health and care providers to:

  • compare with other areas of Scotland; and
  • track progress in improving the experiences of people using their services.

More details on the survey programme can be found at

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