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Update: the deadline for applications has now been extended to 4th March 2024.

Building trust in our statistics is fundamental to the work of statisticians, as mentioned in my previous blog. Central to building trust is regularly engaging with our users. In this blog I am offering the opportunity for people who have a keen interest in using statistics to shape the future of Scotland.

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Our goal, as statisticians, is to improve data driven decision making in the public sector. To do this we need to be at the top of our game on communicating our statistics. Our published statistics must be relevant to inform public debate. And we have the power, through our data and analysis, to shine a light on environmental and societal issues that would otherwise remain hidden.

Statisticians working on individual topic areas regularly engage with their users to guide their work. However, it is also important that we reflect on the statistical system as a whole. As Chief Statistician it is important for me and my teams to listen to a wide range of experiences and expertise. And so, to support my analytical colleagues across the Public Sector, I am announcing the establishment of a new and refreshed “ScotStat Board for Official Statistics”.

The Board

We are now inviting applicants to join our board. I am also excited to announce that the Board will be co-chaired by two experts in the field of statistics and data.

Photograph of Anahid Basiri

Professor Anahid Basiri

Prof. Anahid Basiri is Professor of Geospatial Data Science at the University of Glasgow. Ana is currently Director of the Centre for Data Science and AI, based at the Muzumdar-Shaw ARC. She has a wealth of experience having worked for the Alan Turing Institute. She is a leading figure in the use of data to drive forward Artificial Intelligence and new innovative techniques.

Prof. Sir John Curtice is Professor of Politics at the University of Strathclyde. He is a leading expert in opinion and a regular commentator on elections. He also communicates analysis on population statistics and opinions and Senior Research Fellow at the National Centre for Social Research.

Photograph of John Curtice

Professor Sir John Curtice (National Centre for Social Research)

Our statistics cover a range of policy areas including the environment, energy, public health and education. We also produce a range of financial, economic and labour market statistics.

As we refresh this board, it will be up to board members to work with the co-chairs to agree the scope of the topics to provide recommendations, advice and critical challenge on. This will help to inform other senior statisticians working at other official statistical producers like the National Records of Scotland and Public Health Scotland.

The view of the board and their expertise will help improve the trust and production of official statistics in Scotland.

How to apply

Applications are welcomed from a range of diverse backgrounds. We are interested in views that represent all types of communities across Scotland. We are looking for people who represent all levels of seniority and including people who are younger in their career. We are also seeking a range of perspectives from areas such as:

  • Third sector and voluntary work
  • Social and criminal justice
  • Delivering community projects
  • Commercial and business interests
  • Measures of wellbeing
  • Media and Communications

Our final selection will ensure that we have broad representation on our board from diverse backgrounds, the private sector and academia.

The deadline for applications is Monday 4th March 2024.

For more information on the role and details on how to apply please see our vacancy advert.


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