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October 14, 2022 by 3 Comments | Category Digital Identity, Digital Scotland

Blog by Joseph Walton, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Manager, Digital Directorate.

The aim of the digital identity service is to improve people’s access to public services by providing them a safe, reusable and easy way to prove who they are or that they are eligible for a public service.

This year we’ve been building the core of the digital identity service. Next year we will be further developing the service and adding features and to support users.

We are delivering:

  • ‘Secure sign on’ to make accessing online public services easier and simpler, using one account to securely log in to a variety of services.
  • ‘Identity verification’ for when a public service needs to confirm identity or other personal information.
  • A personal and secure ‘attribute locker’, where people can choose to save verified personal information, to use again when applying for other public services

We are hosting an online event on 16 November at 14:00 to 16:00, open to all. We’d like to invite you to join us for an update on progress, as we prepare for the early beta of the digital identity service and to hear what’s planned for 2023 and beyond.

Registration for ‘A digital identity service for Scotland’ is now open. You can register for the event here. 

Join us to hear from the digital identity programme team about:

  • The names and features of the service
  • How we are developing an ethical and inclusive service, and designing this with user insight
  • How we are ensuring security and privacy by default
  • A demonstration of the secure sign on and identity verification features
  • A look towards the features we are working on to support users
  • Plans for the attribute locker, a private and secure place where people can choose to save verified personal information, so that they can use it again when applying for other public services.

There will be an opportunity to pose questions to the digital identity programme team. During the registration process, you are welcome to ask questions in advance.

We look forward to welcoming you on 16 November.

If you have questions about the event, you can get in touch with the digital identity team by contacting:

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  • Pete says:

    Typo “98 per cent of Scots did NOT know this event was happening at all” and I believe it was publicised (term used loosely) a week before the online event took place

  • Pete says:

    I joined this event yesterday and I have circa 16 years IT Support, to technically aware. The presentation kicked off with a Technical summary, which in my opinion was wrong and probably put people off from absorbing and understanding what it actually means to have Dig ID in Scots lives. The discussion then proceeded to traverse around each project lead, which was nothing short of an in house departmental presentation, which I’ve witnessed umpteem times in IT. This presentation, as an introductory “info session” for the general public did not fulfill it’s purpose. Additionally, for something so important in our lives, I found this extremely frustrating at how it failed on many levels to explain Dig ID’s impact on our lives, what it actually entails and then perhaps at the end, a summary Tech explanation could have been presented. The demo sound was low, and it was as dull as watching a Gmail or Universal Credit Login. I asked circa 20 questions, and none answered. To engage the Public, to inform and ease people into the idea of Digital ID, this presentation was wrong to do so. People have genuine concerns about how this Tech will be expanded, who owns the IP, who has overall ownership, Scot Guv or UK Guv, will it be expanded and tied into other services in Gov or 3rd party ie(CBDC’s, Banking, Social Credit Scoring system) and yet none of these were addressed. Will it be tied into Carbon Tracking ? Who has overall ruling over it’s development ? who decides down the line if it is/will be tied into other facets (as mentioned above) ? You have no social media and at least 98 per cent of Scots knew this was happening yesterday ! And most people were at work. This is important, every single person has to be informed, has to be involved and has to be consulted. And lastly, there are no benefits whatsoever to us over what exists now. It was put over as a Single Sign-on, it’s safe and secure…and that means we only need one login for various (1000’s I heard someone say) services, which is a nonsense. If offers no real benefit to us, it benefits those who are behind it’s premise and roll-out. Not for me, I can see exactly where this all leads to.

  • R. Brocklehurst says:

    Digital Identity is a huge No – No .
    What starts as entrance to public services – will end up with complete control of our freedoms – and you fine well know it !!!

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