• The Digital Support Hub: helping you create better digital services

    24th September 2021 by

    The Digital Support Hub team based in the Scottish Government’s Digital Directorate blog about the new Digital Support Hub, a support and knowledge hub for building better digital services for the people of Scotland. Bringing the public sector’s digital knowledge together The Digital Support Hub was launched to support the Digital Strategy for Scotland –…

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  • Understanding Digital Transformation

    6th August 2020 by

    Blog by Elaine Burgess, Service Owner, Digital Transformation Service. The world is changing at a rapid pace. People around the globe have become used to accessing the services they love at the touch of a button, from online banking to online shopping. This has raised citizen’s expectations about the services they receive from Government and…

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  • Opportunity to work with SPPA, Scottish Public Pensions Agency

    27th August 2019 by

    The Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) administers pensions on behalf of the Scottish Government for Teachers, the Police and Firefighters as well as for employees of the National Health Service in Scotland. The agency are looking to transform to improve the way they provide this vital service to the public sector. To make sure we…

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  • What we’ve been up to

    31st May 2016 by

    It’s been a while since we last provided an update on what’s been going on in MyGov, which was down to the small matter of the Scottish parliamentary elections. While the blog may have been quieter than usual, the MyGov team have been working as hard as ever. What we’ve been doing (January – May…

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  • Planning our next 100 days

    3rd February 2016 by

    2016 is off to a great start – we spent last week looking back on our work in our previous 100-day drive and looking ahead to plan our next 100 days of work. Welcome This month sees the start of our new Programme Director, Ross Ferguson. Ross has joined us from the University of Bath, where…

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  • End of year support

    18th December 2015 by

    As we’re almost at the end of the year, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the site over 2015. We have had a huge amount of input from fact-checkers and subject-matter experts and we really appreciate all of the work that has gone in to ensuring that the information that we make…

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  • Introducing the web analytics initiative

    12th November 2015 by

    This is a post by Rui Cardoso, Business Analyst and Calum Shepherd, our Head of Digital Strategy  We’ve been thinking about how we can provide insight into the Scottish public sector web portfolio. The Scottish Government has a large web portfolio, with many organisations providing multiple websites – all with unique propositions. It’s important that we, as Scottish…

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  • Digital Justice: Modernising the Criminal Justice System conference

    22nd September 2015 by

    This is a post by Kate Saunderson, one of our user researchers. Are we on-route to digital transformation within our Justice system in Scotland? Some of the team recently had the opportunity to explore this topic at the Digital Justice: Modernising the Criminal Justice System conference. My key takeaways: users first (not technology), a digital strategy…

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  • Browser compatibility during beta

    14th August 2015 by

    This is a post by Calum Shepherd, our Head of Digital Strategy. When thinking about our beta iteration of six months ago, we decided to firm up our understanding of which browsers we intended on supporting. Compatibility decisions were based upon our understanding of who we thought would be using the website and their current browser choice and version….

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  • Our new stakeholder management function

    13th March 2015 by

    This is a post by Alexander Holt, Head of Transition, Digital Public Services & Business Transformation division We’re pleased to announce the arrival of the Stakeholder Manager team to the Digital Public Services and Business Transformation division. Their role is to engage with, and act as a conduit between Scottish public sector organisations and the…

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