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11 areas of Scotland move into Level 4 and travel restrictions come into force

November 20, 2020 by No Comments | Category Uncategorized

From 6pm today (20 November 2020) 11 local authority areas in Scotland will move into Level 4 of the Scottish Government’s Local Protection Levels.  More information on which areas of Scotland will move to Level 4 can be found here . Two local authority areas will move from level 3 to Level 2 and the remaining areas will have no change. No areas of Scotland will move to Level 0.

Funerals of up to 20 people, with physical distancing, will still be able to take place in every area of Scotland and post-funeral gatherings of up to 20 people can also take place throughout Scotland, in regulated venues.

There are no travel restrictions on funeral directors or others in the funeral sector travelling to any area of Scotland for the purpose of undertaking their work. Members of the public are also able to travel freely in Scotland to attend a funeral, post-funeral gathering and/or funeral related ceremonial event (e.g. ashes scattering). Mourners can also travel from Scotland to a funeral in other parts of the UK, but should check the rules for funerals in the country they are travelling to.

However, it’s never been more important to adhere to the funeral restrictions to help stop the spread of the virus.  Here is a reminder of the restrictions already in place:

Attendance at funerals

Wearing face coverings at funerals

Speakers outside crematoriums

Using webcams and live streaming

Physical distancing and increased hygiene

Test and Protect

Travelling for a funeral

Wakes/post-funeral gatherings in regulated venues only

Cross-border funerals