Marine Scotland Science Publications for October

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Marine Scotland Science continues to sustain critical marine science delivery and has over the last couple of months produced the following notable publications:

  • Evans, T.J., Young, R.C., Watson, H., Olsson, O., & Åkesson, S. 2020. Effects of back‐mounted biologgers on condition, diving and flight performance in a breeding seabird. Journal of Avian Biology.
    Effect of back-mounted biologgers – click for link
  • Hentati-Sundberg, J., Olin, A.B., Evans, T.J., Isaksson, N., Berglund, P.‐A. & Olsson, O. 2020 A mechanistic framework to inform the spatial management of conflicting fisheries and top predators. Journal of Applied Ecology, 00: 1-10.
    A mechanistic framework to inform the … link
  • Horne, N., Culloch, R.M., Schmitt, P., Lieber, L., Wilson, B., Dale, A.C., Houghton, J.D.R & Kregting, L.T. 2021. Collision risk modelling for tidal energy devices: A flexible simulation-based approach. Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 278(1):111484.
    Collision risk modelling for tidal energy … link
  • Keogan, K., Lewis, S., Howells, R.J., Newell, M.A., Harris, M.P., Burthe, S., Phillips, R.A., Wanless, S., Phillimore, A.B. & Daunt, F. 2020. No evidence for fitness signatures consistent with increasing trophic mismatch over 30 years in a population of European shag Phalacrocorax aristotelis. Journal of Animal Ecology. Accepted Author Manuscript.
    No evidence for fitness signatures consistent with … link
  • Munir, D., Munro, E.S., Secombes, C.J. & Dooley, H. 2020. Atlantic salmon kidney (ASK) cells are an effective model to characterise interferon (IFN) and IFN-induced gene expression following salmonid alphavirus infection. Journal of Fish and Shellfish Immunology 106, 792 -795.
    Atlantic salmon kidney (ASK) cells are an effective … link
  • Munro, L.A. 2020. Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2019.
    Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2019 link
    The survey is the official statistics publication for Scottish finfish aquaculture production. The survey achieved returns from 100% of industry, in spite of complications due to COVID-19. Notably salmon production reached 203,881, which is a record. Rainbow trout production also increased 15% to 7,405 tonnes.
  • Soares, S.M.C., Stagg, H.E.B., Matthews, C.G.G., Smith, L.E., Turnbull, T. & Munro, E.S. 2020. A case study reporting the occurrence of amoebic gill disease in a public marine aquarium. 156, Bulletin of the European Association of Fish Pathologists, 40(4) 2020.
    During a routine health check, two Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.), populating one of the tanks within the re-circulating sea water system, showed clinical signs of amoebic gill disease (AGD), a condition caused by the parasite Neoparamoeba perurans (syn. Paramoeba perurans).
  • Two topic sheets published:

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