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Big Bang prize for student work

21st March 2012

Mairi Bell of Hazlehead Academy wowed the judges at The Big Bang National Science & Engineering Fair in Birmingham last week with her project on diagnosing embryo abnormalities in Zooplankton, which form important components of marine food webs and changes in their abundance can assess the health of the marine ecosystem.

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Break in sampling – back to normal

7th November 2011

Sampling was completed at Stonehaven this week by Matthew Geldart and Katy Urquhart for the first time in three weeks for a whole series of reasons. The Temora is no different to any other machine and requires maintenance to be carried out at regular intervals. The jobs this time around however required the vessel to…

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Coastal Monitoring sites at Stonehaven and Loch Ewe

4th October 2011

There has been a training programme going on at Stonehaven and at the laboratory, to train a significant number of  new personnel and ensure that techniques and procedures are of a high standard. This is going very well although the poor weather at sea has caused quite a bit of disruption to the sampling programme….

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Visitors from Australia

23rd August 2011

On returning to port after completing the standard climate change monitoring sampling the Temora was met by a retired couple who were very obviously on holiday. They were Mr and Mrs Mc Clellan who live approx ten kilometres outside Temora in New South Wales in Australia. While researching their holiday in Scotland on the internet,…

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What to do if you have found a non native species

18th August 2011

Non-native species (or “alien species”) are introduced outside of their natural past or present distribution – sometimes by human action. The term, Non-native species cover a wide range of different species from microscopic animals and plants to quite large species such as seaweeds, sea squirt, and crustaceans. Marine Scotland Science has prepared a document that…

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ICES/NAFO Decadal Symposium Presentations

20th May 2011

In a previous post, we mentioned that several talks and posters were going to be presented at the ICES/NAFO Deacadal Symposium held in May. The overall purpose of the symposium was to improve the understanding of hydro-biological variability between 2000 and 2009 in the North Atlantic. Several presentations and posters were provided by Marine Scotland…

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Sampling Zooplankton

15th December 2010

Plankton consists both of plant and animal organisms, ranging in size from a few micrometers (thousands of a millimetre (mm)) to a few centimetres or larger. Generally speaking, the plant plankton (phytoplankton) are smallest, and zooplankton tends to be bigger, although they still span a wide range of sizes, which may appear small to us as…

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Marine Scotland Interactive on Twitter

9th December 2010

Now you can follow this blog and new data products from Marine Scotland Interactive (MSI) via twitter. Tweets will be automatically issued when there is a new blog post, and we will also notify followers when we make changes to the MSI web pages. Our twitter feed can be located at

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Welcome to the Coastal and Ecosystem Monitoring Blog

30th September 2010

In this blog we aim to provide the readers with up to date information about the type of activities that are carried out to conduct long term monitoring around the seas of Scotland, and in particular focusing on the high-frequency coastal monitoring sites. As the term “long-term monitoring” indicates, the efforts and results coming from this work may not…

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