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Break in sampling – back to normal

November 7, 2011 by No Comments | Category Marine Scotland Science

Sampling was completed at Stonehaven this week by Matthew Geldart and Katy Urquhart for the first time in three weeks for a whole series of reasons.

The Temora is no different to any other machine and requires maintenance to be carried out at regular intervals. The jobs this time around however required the vessel to be slipped at Arbroath to allow minor damage to the fibreglass hulls and rubbing strakes on the sides to be repaired. While the vessel was there the exhausts for the engines were moved upwards, so that they are now above the water line, there was also work carried out to the rudder mechanism.

These are all jobs which will make the vessel safer, quieter and, hopefully more efficient.

The work was completed to a high standard, and on time, but then the weather Gods intervened and it was too dangerous to attempt to get the vessel off the slipway into the water.

Even when she did eventually get back into the water, Arbroath is a notoriously tricky harbour to get in and out of, the swell which was running prevented the vessel leaving harbour.

On return to Stonehaven the weather got really bad, and this too prevented sampling being carried out.

Those who doubt how bad the weather was should visit Stonehaven and see the council workmen shovelling the sand from the beach at the harbour, which was three to four inches deep and half way up the high street!

Post contributed by John Dunn

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