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ICES/NAFO Decadal Symposium Presentations

May 20, 2011 by No Comments | Category Marine Scotland Science

In a previous post, we mentioned that several talks and posters were going to be presented at the ICES/NAFO Deacadal Symposium held in May.

The overall purpose of the symposium was to improve the understanding of hydro-biological variability between 2000 and 2009 in the North Atlantic.

Several presentations and posters were provided by Marine Scotland Science, and below is a list with links to summaries and abstracts of the submissions:

The ICES Report on Ocean Climate: variability in the ICES region. keynote talk by Sarah Hughes from Marine Scotland Science

Seasonal and interannual variation of two  Calanus species off the east and west coasts of Scotland. Talk presented by Michael Penston (M. J. Penston, K. Cook, J. Rasmussen, J. Fraser, S. Robinson, P. MacLachlan, J. Dunn, and S. Hay), Marine Scotland Science.  Reference No 77 in the link.
The Winter Nutrient Status of Scottish Coastal and Offshore Waters: 2001–2009. Poster presented by P. Walsham, L. Webster, M. Rose, and C. Moffat. Reference No 13 in the link
QSR 2010: Summarising,  understanding and communicating hydrobiological variability in the North-East Atlantic. Poster presented by R. Emmerson, D. Johnson, C. Moffat, and A. Weiß. Reference No 57 in the link.
Interannual variation in ‘indicator’ chaetognaths off the east and west coasts of Scotland. Poster presented by K. Cook, M. Penston, J. Rasmussen, J. Fraser, S. Robinson, P. MacLachlan, J. Dunn, and S. Hay. Reference No 72 in the link.

Variation in the phytoplankton community in Scottish waters over the last decade. Poster presented by E. Bresnan, S. L. Hughes, S. Fraser, A. L. Amorim, K. Smith, M. Rose, L. Webster, B. Berx, J. Rasmussen, and S. Hay. Reference No 76 in the link.

Results from the Scottish Coastal Long Term Monitoring Project: physical variability in Scottish Coastal waters between 2000–2009. Poster presented by B Berx, S. Hughes, M. Inall, and J. Wright. Reference No 84 in the link.

Variability of physical and biological properties in the Faroe Shetland Channel between 2000–2009: results from a long-term monitoring programme and model data. Poster presented by B. Berx, S. Hughes, B. Hansen, S. Østerhus, T. Sherwin, and S. M. Olsen. Reference No 102 in the link.


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