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News from our Scotia crew

18th June 2021

Colleagues onboard our marine research vessel (MRV) Scotia are nearing the end of their latest survey trip but have made good progress collecting information on the abundance and distribution of Nephrops norvegicus, commonly known as langoustine or Dublin bay prawns.

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The smothering impact of Didemnum vexillum

28th May 2021

Didemnum vexillum, commonly known as ‘Carpet Sea-Squirt’,  is an invasive non-native marine organism that is now known to be established in the UK.

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Retain and report American lobster

24th May 2021

A campaign has launched to help raise awareness of American lobster.

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Outcome of UK/EU/Norway negotiations

16th March 2021

The trilateral fisheries negotiations between UK, the EU and Norway have concluded with quotas agreed for a number of shared stocks.

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Scottish anglers wanted for Sea Angling Diary

15th March 2021

The Sea Angling Diary Project which is funded by the Scottish Government, UK Government and devolved governments of Wales and Northern Ireland, is encouraging 2,000 sea anglers to sign up to a free mobile app to record their fishing activity and catches.

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Choose to challenge – Equity at sea

11th March 2021

This week we not only celebrate British Science Week but International Women’s Day too, so this is a great opportunity to point you to an interesting article co-authored by our colleague, physical oceanographer and Scientist-in-Charge, Dr Berit Rabe.

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Celebrating our Marine Scotland Women on International Women’s Day

8th March 2021

Today is International Women’s Day – a global day to celebrate the achievements of women, and we are thrilled to highlight some of the achievements of the women that lead and play an important part in Marine Scotland’s success.

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Supporting a new approach to fisheries management

18th February 2021

The Scottish Inshore Fisheries Integrated Data System (SIFIDS) project, funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and administered by the Scottish Government saw more than 130 vessel skippers in 43 ports around Scotland host research trips, have tracking and/or scanning devices installed, take part in surveys and contribute significantly to equipment and software development.

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Guidance for interacting with seals

9th February 2021

Scotland is well known for our diverse flora and fauna, both on land and in the sea. Some of the most iconic species seen around our coasts are seals. Scotland is home to around a third of the world population of grey seals and around 5% of the world population of harbour seals.

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What lies beneath

26th January 2021

In Scotland’s Marine Assessment 2020, our recently published web portal looking at the state of our seas, one of the case studies – Case study: Nova Innovation – Shetland Tidal Array highlights the role tidal energy can play in reaching our net zero ambitions and showing just how much power can be generated by one tidal turbine.

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