• MRV Scotia: Survey 1215S Programme

    20th August 2015 by

    Duration: 5-16 September 2015 Fishing Gear: BT 184 Deepwater trawl with 16“ ground-gear and Morgere 1700 kg doors (monkfish) Other Gear: Groundgear Bosom bag for BT184 Objectives: To map the composition, distribution and abundance of continental slope species including invertebrates on the deepwater slope west of the Hebrides and Rosemary Bank to depths of 2000...

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  • MRV Scotia: survey 1115S Programme

    18th August 2015 by

    Rockall Haddock Survey Duration: 23 August – 3 September 2015 Fishing Gear: GOV Trawl (BT 137) with ground gear D Other Gear: CTD – Seabird 19+ Day and Van Veen grabs Objectives: To undertake the bottom trawl survey of haddock on Rockall Bank to a depth of 350 m; To deploy a CTD at selected trawl...

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  • MRV Alba na Mara: survey 1015A programme

    9th July 2015 by

    Duration: 03-19 July 2015 Gear: Surface and subsurface PAM moorings Objectives: To retrieve and re-deploy a series of moorings comprising either dhan buoys (nine surface marked moorings) or acoustic release systems (21 subsurface moorings) and the acoustic recording devices attached to them (30 C-POD and ten SM2M) as part of the East Coast Marine Mammal...

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  • MRV Alba na Mara: survey 0515A programme

    7th July 2015 by

    Duration: 18-25 April 2015 Gear: Surface and subsurface PAM moorings Objectives: To deploy a series of moorings comprising either dhan buoys (maximum of ten surface) or acoustic release systems (minimum of 20 subsurface) and recording devices (30 CPOD and ten SM2M) as part of the east coast marine mammal monitoring programme (see Table 1 and...

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  • MRV Scotia: survey 0715S update

    3rd July 2015 by

    The MRV Scotia sailed east from Aberdeen on the 3rd June to begin the Annual Nephrops TV Survey. Work commenced at the Fladen grounds, however after only completing half the planned stations the weather turned poor and the outlook even worse so the vessel made its way for the Minches. In considerably better conditions, stations...

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  • MRV Scotia: Survey 0715S Programme

    2nd July 2015 by

    Nephrops Survey Duration: 3-22 June 2015 Gear: 2 x ScotiaBT175 80mm prawn trawls 2 x Day grabs and 1 x sieving table Towed UWTV sledge 2 x 600m umbilical towing cables and associated TV equipment (including back up). Objectives: To obtain estimates of the abundance and distribution of Nephrops burrow complexes at Fladen, in the...

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  • MRV Scotia: Survey 0815S Programme

    14th June 2015 by

    Herring Survey Programme Duration: 25 June – 14 July 2015 Sampling Gear: Midwater trawls PT160; Multisampling pelagic cod-end with one fine mesh cod-end; Seabird 19plus CTD; GoPro cameras x 2 with underwater housings and lights; Scanmar trawl eye sensor; and Towed Hydrophone array. Objectives: To conduct an acoustic survey to estimate the abundance and distribution...

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  • MRV Alba na Mara: Survey 0915A Programme

    10th June 2015 by

    Duration: 10-30 June 2015 Background: The central objective of EIWiF is to monitor the broader ecological environmental impact of offshore renewable developments. This work will concentrate on the developments proposed east of the Firth of Forth estuary. Several potential impacts have been identified in the scientific literature, varying from seemingly negative to seemingly positive impacts,...

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  • Marine Scotland assists with the whale strandings on Skye

    5th June 2015 by

    Our colleagues in Marine Scotland Compliance may not be an emergency service but they will always help out when they can, whether it’s doing search, rescue or, in the case of the stranded pilot whales on the Isle of Skye this week, sending officers trained in marine life rescue to help on the ground. Officers from the Marine...

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  • MRV Alba na Mara: Survey 0815A Programme

    20th May 2015 by

    Duration: 20 May – 08 June 2015 Fishing Gear: Scallop dredges Objectives: To carry out a survey of scallop stocks on the East Coast; To assess shell damage on all scallops caught; To collect information on by-catch of other commercial fish and shellfish species; To identify and quantify numbers of starfish species in all dredge...

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