• Know your lefts, know your rights: co-designing a children’s rights animation

    15th November 2022 by

    Scottish Government’s Children’s Rights Unit worked with Renfrewshire Youth and Partners in Advocacy to develop the animation ‘Children’s Rights and the UNCRC in Scotland: An exploration of rights in our communities’, created by MPG. Young people co-designed the pitch for the video and the design and narrative of the final animation.

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  • Five top tips for using social media to engage citizens

    16th October 2019 by

    James Coltham, Head of Digital & Content, shares some top tips for how the team are increasing citizen engagement through social media.

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  • Meet the team

    30th September 2019 by

    What does the Digital Engagement Team at the Scottish Government do? We want to make it easier for people to get involved in government’s work. We provide the tools and expertise so the government can consult and involve the public using the latest in digital technology. Democracy is at the heart of what we do….

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  • Digital Friends mentoring celebrates 100 partnerships

    28th November 2018 by

    Mentoring is a good thing, right? It benefits both parties – the mentor feels good about helping someone while the mentee learns from their experience. Everyone is happy. An added bonus is when you know it’s having this positive effect on many people. As someone who sets up mentoring I’m proud to have reached the…

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  • We are hiring a social media manager

    27th November 2017 by

    We are currently seeking applications for a Social Media Manager within the Communications Division based in Edinburgh.

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  • Making digital friends

    15th July 2016 by

    I’ve only been in government for nine months and every time I say what I do one of my friends asks “what does that actually mean?” Until now, civil servants have often been seen as a faceless mass behind ministers. That needs to change.

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  • Trick or tweet?

    29th October 2015 by

    As it’s Halloween we couldn’t resist a punny title and pumpkin pic for our blog post about barriers to using social media as a tool for policy makers in the Scottish Government.

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  • A reflection on the last 6.5 months

    19th June 2015 by

    We’ve come a long way since we launched in December. Trying to navigate the complexities of Scottish Government and promote ourselves across the organisation, we’ve had somewhat of an uphill battle.

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  • Working with our Directors General

    2nd June 2015 by

    Since we came together as a team last winter, we’ve largely focussed our energy on reaching policy teams- the people as close to the ground as you’re likely to get in Scottish Government. But lately we’ve been meeting with our Directors General (DGs) to help them talk and think through their digital aspirations and what…

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