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In the news: EAT-Lancet Report

January 17, 2019 by 3 Comments | Category Agriculture, Farming

As you may have seen in the news (BBC, Guardian) today, the EAT-Lancet Commission has published a report, which looks at addressing the need to feed a growing global population a healthy diet, while also defining sustainable food systems that will minimise damage to our planet.

The report describes a universal healthy diet, based on an increase in consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and nuts, and a decrease in consumption of red meats, sugar, and refined grains.

The Scottish Government’s response to the report is below.

A spokesperson said:

“Health experts, including independent dietitians and nutritionists are clear that animal based products, such as meat and dairy, which are an excellent source of protein, vitamins and amino acids can, and do, form part of a healthy balanced diet in the majority of the Scottish population.  That is why we are taking a number of steps to encourage families and children to learn more about how to eat a more balanced diet, and where their food comes from. This includes the importance of eating more fruit and vegetables as we recognise as a nation that current consumption is too low.

“Our farmers and land managers continue to play a key role in helping to meet our climate change ambitions. Our Climate Change plan includes a range of measures to promote the benefits and encourage the uptake of efficient low carbon farming practices. It is also important to recognise that our farmers do a lot to help sequester carbon and reduce emissions in other sectors such as forestry and our energy supply, for example by planting trees and installing wind turbines on their farms.”

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  • Donald Campbell says:

    Our grandparents lived to late 90’s and were healthy living on farm produce before all notions of skimmed milk and high use of carbohydrates. I would think a return to their way of looking fing would make whole population more healthy. To blame farming/crofting is totally political to suit own agendas.

  • Mark Richards says:

    The Scottish Government’s response to yet more information showing the absurdity of continuing to support animal agriculture, shows the complete denial of responsibility for climate change and the nation’s health. Until we start concentrating on growing plant foods for human consumption and stop the immoral financial support of the outdated animal holocaust, the 6th global extinction is purely down to us! Time to grow up, cut the corruption, financial and moral, and start working for each other, all sentient beings and the planet, while there is still a little time.

  • Go Vegan Scotland says:

    A very disappointing response to the urgent need to switch to plant-based production and consumption. We will still need farmers, we just need to help them to transition to a plant-based system. On important issues such as human health, the destruction of the environment and animal rights we should not be led by established industry interests, we ought to look closely at independent data and change accordingly. Canada has just taken a significant step with the publication of its new eating guide, which emphasises plant-based consumption and no longer recommends dairy or meat in particular. Scotland can similarly update our eating guide to reflect the credible reports that are coming thick and fast confirming that it is essential that we switch to a plant-based economy for the sake of the planet and our own health.

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