Scotland's Economy

  • An enduring friendship between Scotland & Canada

    16th October 2017 by

    Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, Keith Brown writes ahead of his visit this week to Canada and the US: Nearly 250 years ago, a group of Scots stood nervously on the shores of Loch Broom looking up at the ship that would carry them to their new lives across the Atlantic, in...

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  • Collaborate And Celebrate All Scotland Has To Offer

    7th July 2017 by

    Helen Goulden from Nesta, and Chair of the Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy, gives an update on progress made on bringing together “new economy” service providers to look at how they can improve the experience of Scotland’s tourists. On 21 June, the Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy met in Glasgow to...

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  • How can we improve our energy?

    28th April 2017 by

    How can we improve our energy? What difference will it make? This is my second blog in a series covering the draft Energy Strategy while it’s out to consultation, and today I’m looking at our current use of energy and how our planned changes might affect our day to day lives and how changes might...

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  • Achieving Scotland’s full potential in a digital world

    22nd March 2017 by

    Scotland must seek and seize every opportunity to ensure it continues to have a thriving, open, digital economy. That is why, I visited Tontine House in Glasgow today to launch our refreshed digital strategy and outline the Scottish Government’s vision of Scotland as a vibrant, inclusive, open and outward looking digital nation, and to see first-hand how young aspiring digital businesses are being supported in Glasgow.

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  • Report opens door to home-based biz

    21st September 2016 by

    Running a business from home is an increasingly popular option offering freedom and flexibility to work the hours you choose in an environment that you create yourself. Generally the costs will be lower and you can avoid commuting.

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  • Supporting Employability

    21st September 2016 by

    Earlier this month I was pleased to announce the Scottish Government’s plans for employability support programmes in 2017, as the powers are devolved to the Scottish Parliament. Our first year will be a transitional year and we are working on our permanent programmes and will make our plans known in due course. Our programmes will...

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  • Protecting consumers & businesses in Scotland

    28th June 2016 by

    Consumers and businesses in Scotland have a distinct voice and this deserves to be heard. The Scottish Government recognises this and that’s why we intend to use our newly devolved powers over competition to achieve greater fairness for Scots buying and selling goods, services or digital content in the public and private sectors. The devolution...

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  • Stimulating entrepreneurial culture and innovation

    28th November 2012 by

    Earlier this week I wrote about howScotland’s entrepreneurial spirit contributes to economic growth. This evening I will meet with meeting Co-operative Development Scotland and learning more about how employee ownership can stimulate entrepreneurial culture, innovation and growth.

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  • Scotland is a fertile ground for entrepreneurs

    26th November 2012 by

    Scotland is a nation that is rich in talent with a great reputation in innovation and enterprise. Those that claim Scotland invented the modern world, are not far off. From the telephone, to the television, to the more recent Pelamis Wave Energy converter, the inventive spirit of Scotland has created so many of the products that are now part of our daily life.

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  • Scotland’s Digital Future

    19th September 2012 by

    Digital technology has changed the way we view the world and there is no doubt that it can also change the way we do things in delivering public services. Today I launched a strategy to help shape Scotland’s Digital Future in the Delivery of Public Services.

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