What is happening around Data as a result of Scotland’s Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services?

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A Data Vision for Scotland in 2020

Why Now?

There is a global data revolution taking place.  Every day the amount and range of data being produced increases and new tools and techniques are being developed to help us all access and analyse data.  More importantly, we are recognising the value of data to society and the opportunities that come from using it well.

What data?

Data is created and captured by many sources.  It could be created by sensors and meters (e.g. on a wind turbine blade or on energy use in a building or to do with traffic flow).  It could be Administrative data (e.g. metrics from schools, Universities, a Council department or a Health Board).  This data could be non-personal or be anonymised personal data.  Data can be in many formats – created by machines, by humans.  It could be sound/voice files, numbers or text, for example.

Whose vision? 

A Scottish Government commissioned group (including representation from public sector, business and subject matter experts) is developing a data vision for Scotland.  The Data Management Board (DMB) will finalise its vision for Scotland and publish it in February.  Whilst yet to be finalised, the board’s high level aim is:

“To pioneer the trustworthy uses of data for public benefit, elevating Scotland’s position in how we safely, securely and transparently use data, rapidly translating our strengths into benefits for citizens and communities, locally and globally.”

The vision will include high level guiding principles which are essential to achieving this.  An action plan is being developed which will support delivery of the vision across Scotland.

What is already happening?

Data Innovation

Looking at opportunities to make use of data to deliver new and improved products and services.  Scottish Government is undertaking a number of activities.  Have a look at our Data Innovation page for further information on the spatial data we make available as Open Data and two of our Open Data pilots:

  • Our Open Data pilot site that increases access to Official Statistics; and
  • Our Open data pilot site that provides you access to the Scottish Government’s website spreadsheets and PDFs in via laboratory area.

Details of how to give people running the pilots feedback are on the pages – so please do let us know what you think.

Sharing personal data and Data Linkage

We have published some information on good practice that should be considered by organisations that are considering sharing personal data.

Colleagues in the Scottish Government, working with National Records of Scotland and NHS National Services Scotland, describe their work on linking data to support data analysis and research.  You can read more about their vision which is:

… “one where evidence of what works in delivering positive outcomes for all of Scotland is delivered quickly and efficiently with minimal burden on front-line services. By improving the ethical and legal governance arrangements, and the technical capacity to securely and efficiently link statistical data, we will enable the research needed to inform policy decisions. Scotland will be recognised the world over as a hub of innovative and powerful statistical research, attracting investment and job creation.”

Please visit our Data pages for further information.


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