Lockdown diary 2020 : tools and tips from a Digital Mum

May 14, 2020 by 4 Comments | Category Digital

A picture of a rainbow in a window, with the Edinbrugh skyline behind it. Blog post by Anusree Raju, Senior Interaction Designer in the Digital Directorate – and Digital Mum!

At the start of lockdown, Jono Ellis gave us some tools and tips for surviving lockdown life as a Digital Dad. In the eighth week of lockdown, when many of us may be in need of a few more tips, Anusree Raju shares how she’s coping with juggling work and parenting in lockdown as the Mum of a pre-schooler.

The year 2020 started off on a joyous note for me with the excitement of starting my new job at SG. Like most of us, I was looking forward to our family vacation in April to visit our loved ones. But things took a sharp turn with the arrival of Covid19, turning the world upside down. With the lockdown still in place, I have slowly come to terms with this new ‘normal’.

Being a mum to my 2-year-old who seeks constant attention (cuteness I wouldn’t complain about!) and juggling work alongside is challenging. Here’s some tips and tricks which I tried – not all worked for me, but might help you.

  • Start your day early – Trying to get an early start to the day before my little one is up puts me in a great space of positive energy for the day ahead. I must say I haven’t perfected this yet, but I will get there sooner than later.
  • Plan kids’ activities – Thanks to Google and my other parent friends, the following activities helped me to keep my kid active and engaged so far:
    • Reading books (even though I sometimes ended up reading the same book for the umpteenth time!)
    • Using learning apps like Lingo kids
    • Online Zoom calls with friends and family
    • Pinterest inspired DIY activities
    • Getting some fresh air on the balcony or the garden downstairs
    • TV time is restricted but when we do, we set a timer.
    • Watching learning videos from Play to Learn Preschool – one video per day.
    • Having a visual daily routine worked well for us too!
  • Create a work and home schedule – Setting up a separate workspace helped me to stay on my work schedule. A few months ago I’d never have dreamt that before setting up a meeting, in addition to our team members’, my partner and I would now regularly check each other’s calendar to ensure one of us is taking care of our child.

To tackle the piling household chores, this blog enlightened me to have a plan in place. I use Trello for my weekly meal plan and cleaning schedule.

  • Learn something new – I recently installed Audible app to give audio books a try and I must say, I really enjoyed listening to ‘Becoming’ audiobook narrated by Michelle Obama herself while doing the household activities post work.
  • Pamper yourself – I set aside some ‘me’ time every day to do things I enjoy with either my partner’s help or after my wee one is asleep. This really helps me a lot to unwind and relax.
  • Declutter – I am no Marie Kondo but decluttering my closet during weekend did help clearing my mind too!
  • Keep a gratitude journal – In such times, I feel grateful for those little things in life that brings happiness like rays of sunshine or a smile on my loved ones. I try to write about it in one line whenever I can.

Lesson learned

In retrospect, an important lesson I learnt is – don’t stress yourself for not getting things done! It’s okay. But remember to keep going and never give up. Keep your hope alive.

As a wise saying goes, this too shall pass.


  • Hazel Cargill says:

    Great to read about your experience Anusree, you’re doing great!

  • Rowan says:

    Nice write up anuu…I am also going to start using a gratitude journal ..

  • Puneeta Prakash says:

    Anusree you have always been an inspiration! Loved to read your views and suggestions to get going in this pandemic. Having a toddler is tough and using the time productively with them is even tougher! Keep writing more. We love to read

  • Amrita Jacob says:

    Pretty much the same routine here! However I must say, you have great additions like audible and setting some personal me- time!

    Well done Anusree, keep it going and stay safe 🙂

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