• CivTech 7 accelerator programme launched

    13th June 2022 by

    This year, over £7 million worth of contract opportunities are available for tech entrepreneurs and businesses of any size as part of the Accelerator’s latest round of innovation Challenges. Companies and individuals from across the UK and beyond are invited to develop solutions for 13 new Challenges which have been set by public sector bodies, local councils, charities and the Scottish Government itself.

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  • Secure your place at CivTech Demo Day 6 now!

    17th January 2022 by

    CivTech will host its annual ‘Demo Day’ online on Tuesday 8 February, streaming live from the Assembly Rooms in Central Edinburgh. CivTech was launched in 2016 by the Scottish Government’s, Digital Directorate, in partnership with the Economy Directorate. It is commonly regarded as the world’s first Government-run accelerator for digital public services and has a...

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  • CivTech 6 – Challenge 12 update

    24th November 2021 by

    Hi, my name is Shona Nicol, and I head up a team in the Scottish Government’s, Digital Directorate, that covers technical data policy and I’d like to give everyone an update on a CivTech Challenge that I’m sponsoring along with NatureScot and the Data and Intelligence Network. I have spoken about this project in a...

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  • Introduction to Data Standards and Open Data in Scottish Government

    13th July 2021 by

    Hi, my name is Shona Nicol and I work in the Scottish Government’s, Digital Directorate and head up a team that covers technical data policy, where I lead on data standards. Along with Martin Macfie, who leads the team on Open Data, we wanted to start a series of blogs on the use of data...

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  • Finding public sector data

    23rd June 2021 by

    Hi, my name is Shona Nicol, and I head up a team in the Scottish Government’s, Digital Directorate, that covers technical data policy, from data standards, open data to data innovation, and I’d like to share the details on a recent CivTech Challenge that I’m sponsoring. The Challenge is ‘How do we use technology to...

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  • The Civtech Alliance

    1st September 2020 by

    Blog by Alexander Holt, Head of Strategic Partnerships, CivTech Alliance. The CivTech Alliance is a newly-formed worldwide network of public, private and third sector organisations working across Civic and Gov tech sectors, supporting and developing products and services which make citizens’ lives better. This network acts as a peer-to-peer support network, hosting weekly video conference...

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  • CivTech: Harnessing the power of digital

    6th June 2016 by

    CivTech logo

    Something amazing is happening in Scotland! CivTech® is your chance to use innovation and digital technology to improve public sector services. For businesses [or start-up, pre-start, entrepreneur – or indeed anyone] it’s a real opportunity to win contracts, build business – and along the way make everyone’s life a little bit better. Best of all...

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