• Online Identity Assurance – welcoming expert and stakeholder input

    6th April 2018 by

    Some of Scotland and the UK’s leading minds on the issue of identity assurance have been brought together to support the delivery of the Online Identity Assurance (OIA) project. The inaugural meeting of the OIA Expert Group on Thursday 29 March was one of two key gatherings that took place last week, as the end...

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  • Empathy in user focused design

    5th April 2018 by

    The word user spelled out in black capital letters on a multicoloured background.

    Last month, a member of my family was rushed to hospital and needed heart surgery. (Thankfully, they’re doing well now.) I had to make sure that, once they were home, they had the care and support they needed. So I found myself on the receiving end of the kind of content I produce. In the...

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  • Online Identity Assurance – Show and Tell

    19th March 2018 by

    In what feels like no time at all, we are approaching the end of the first phase of our work to develop a common approach for online identity assurance in accessing public services. As we set out in our Programme Plan, within our initial Discovery phase, we have been researching and scoping out the challenge...

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  • The Service Design Champions Programme: what we thought

    3rd July 2017 by

    Post-it notes with questions written on them, and lego on a table

    The Service Design Champions event was a 4-day introduction to service and user-focused thinking, run by the User Research and Service Design team. Mark Black-Daniels and Dawn Kofie, content designers from, reflect on their experiences of the programme. Why we wanted to do the training MBD: In the work I’ve been doing for the...

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  • Our new approach to Benefits Realisation

    23rd May 2016 by

    This is a post by Scott McLear, our Digital Communications and Engagement Manager A measurement and benefit framework was established in 2012 to show the positive impact of the strategy Scotland’s Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services. Methodology used to help capture evidence of benefits was heavily based on survey feedback from Citizens and Public Sector...

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