• Making it easy for people to find local services

    9th December 2015 by

    This is a post by Reece Cargan, one of our content designers. Over the past 12 months, I’ve seen lots of changes when it comes to content on – in terms of its appearance and the way we approach content creation. This is due to a number of factors: we work in an agile environment…

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  • Using feedback to improve content for victims and witnesses

    5th November 2015 by

    This is a post by Angela Morrison, one of our content designers. Feedback is an essential part of our content lifecycle on, especially when our users – such as victims of crime – are experiencing complex and often stressful life events and need the right help and support at the right time. To help…

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  • What we’re doing about content debt

    22nd October 2015 by

    This is a post by Kate Ho, our Head of Product. Understanding content debt In software development, there’s a term technical debt: it’s a metaphor used to describe the amount of work required to tidy up a system in order to keep the code clean. Cleaner code means it’s easier to make changes and updates….

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  • Making improvements: evolving our content based on your feedback

    8th October 2015 by

    This is a post by Jono Ellis, our Social Media Manager As part of our commitment to meeting the needs of our users we have three different ways for users to give us feedback – a feedback area at the bottom of all of our article and guide pages, an email inbox and our Twitter…

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  • Designing content for

    6th October 2015 by

    This is a post by Rachel Dowle, our Head of Content In 2012, the Scottish Government set out its intention to deliver a “single – but not exclusive – point of entry to all digital public services at national and local level”. So, what does that mean for how we design content on We…

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  • Supporting Scotland’s businesses

    11th September 2015 by

    Over the last 100 days, we’ve been finalising what’s needed to close the Scottish Business Portal and move the website’s content and tools on to The portal ( was originally designed to bring business service and support information into one place – pulling content via an API from partner websites like Business Gateway, Scottish Enterprise,…

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  • Content Rally

    4th August 2015 by

    This is a post by Jono Ellis, our Social Media Manager It’s been a busy few weeks here in the team. One of my personal highlights of our recent work was the Content Rally where everyone, irrespective of discipline, took on the role of Content Designer. To explain more about the Content Rally here…

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  • When I went to visit GOVT.NZ

    24th June 2015 by

    This is a post by Rachel Jane Patrick, our departing Digital Designer During March and April I was lucky enough to find myself in New Zealand visiting friends and family. I volunteered to go in and say hello to the team in New Zealand, who are working on similar website to our own, I was…

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  • Introducing

    17th February 2015 by

    This is a post by Peter Smith, Product Owner for alpha and beta From today you can see the beta version of This marks the start of a phase in which we will continually add content and features to the site, making use of the tools and processes we have been developing since the…

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  • Alpha review: University of Stirling guest post

    1st October 2014 by

    This is a guest post from Kathy McCabe, Stacie Lindsay and Ryan Kaye from the University of Stirling When the University of Stirling were given the opportunity to feedback our views on alpha, my colleagues and I jumped at the chance – this was our opportunity to help shape a service that will put the people…

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