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Cleaning up for the Great British Beach Clean

September 23, 2016 by No Comments

Last Friday afternoon, three staff from Marine Scotland took to the beach on Greyhope Road to undertake a wee bit of beach cleaning as part of the annual ‘Great British Beach Clean’ event run by the Marine Conservation Society.  Marine Scotland has, of course, been looking after this stretch of beach for the last 18 months.  However, we must continue our efforts to keep this beach litter free.  Danny Pendrey, Lyndsay Cruickshank and I spent some time picking up oodles and oodles of bits of expanded polystyrene as well piecesGreyhope Beach clean pic-2 of expanded polystyrene cups.  Although there were some larger pieces of litter, it was perhaps gratifying to note that the amount of macro litter has greatly decreased since Marine Scotland has been tending to this beach.  However, the beach continues to be plagued with small bits of litter, especially expanded polystyrene.

Prof Colin Moffat

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