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February 6, 2017 by No Comments

Gear SelectivityToday sees the publication of a new report in the Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science series, but it’s something a little different – it’s a Manual and some factsheets.

The Selectivity in Trawl Fishing Gears manual forms part of the DiscardLess project – a Horizon 2020 project set up to provide the knowledge, tools, and methods required for the successful reduction of discards in European fisheries. The idea behind the manual is to help fishermen, net makers and fisheries managers to understand more about the possible modifications that can be made to their gears so that they can design and develop gears themselves with a selective performance suitable for their particular fishery.

The manual describes the different stages of the fish capture process, highlights how different parts of the gear may influence selection and identifies possible design changes which can alter the selectivity of the gear. There is also a mighty catalogue of 64 fact sheets which provide brief descriptions of many of the catch comparison and selectivity trials that have taken place in the North Atlantic and adjacent seas. This is again to highlight the potential gear modifications that can be made and to provide an indication of their likely effect.

Dr Barry O’Neill

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