Marine Scotland

  • Listening for Marine Mammals

    3rd June 2016 by

    The East Coast Marine Mammal Acoustic Study (ECOMMAS) array continued collecting data in 2016. On the 28th of April Alba na Mara sailed from Fraserburgh to deploy moorings at 10 station locations along the Scottish East Coast. The trip lasted 10 days and all the moorings were deployed successfully. The marine mammal listening array extends...

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  • Survey on the environmental impacts of subsea cables: Renewables Grid Initiative

    11th December 2015 by

    On behalf of the Renewables Grid Initiative, NIRAS are engaged in a project aiming to assist permitting authorities, project developers and stakeholders, such as environmental protection groups, throughout the development process of subsea grid infrastructure. NIRAS kindly asks for your expert input via a short online survey for environmental impacts on subsea cables. The questionnaire...

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  • Marine Analytical Unit monthly update – 30 July 2015

    30th July 2015 by

    This month’s update from the Marine Analytical Unit has been published, featuring an article reporting on “Approaches to cost reduction in the offshore wind industry”. Read the full update

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  • Marine Analytical Unit monthly update – 26 March 2015

    30th March 2015 by

    This week’s update from the Marine Analytical Unit has been published, featuring an article reporting on Wave and Tidal Energy in the UK: Capitalising on Capability. Read the full update Related Links All previous Marine Analytical Unit updates

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  • European Plans for the Ocean Energy Sector – October 2014

    17th October 2014 by

    The European Commission has developed a two-step action plan to support the emerging ocean energy sector in Europe. In the first phase (2014 – 2016), an Ocean Energy Forum will be set up, which will bring together stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of the problems and to develop solutions. It will focus on building...

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  • 8th International GIScience conference

    10th October 2014 by

    In September, Marine Scotland Science staff attended the 2014 8th International Conference on Geographic Information Science (GIS),. The biennial conference, held in Vienna and hosted by the Austrian University of Technology brought together more than 600 international participants from academia, industry, and government organisations to discuss the state-of-the-art advances in the field of GIS. This...

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  • SNH Commissioned Report 783: Understanding the potential effects of wave energy devices on kelp biotopes

    24th September 2014 by

    This report improves understanding of the potential changes to kelp habitats that could occur as a result of the development of wave energy renewables projects around Scotland’s coasts. An objective risk assessment found that kelp habitats have the potential to be affected by site-specific disturbance by wave energy projects. However, given the extent of kelp...

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  • New Publications on Marine Renewable Energy Developments

    20th August 2014 by

    Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) have recently completed two reports relating to marine renewable energy developments and their potential impact on the environment. These reports offer a risk assessment of the interaction between marine renewable devices and the diving birds and megafauna in the area. The first report, Commissioned Report No. 773. A Diving Bird Collision...

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  • EIMR International Conference 2014 – Stornoway, Scotland

    13th August 2014 by

    The EIMR (Environmental Impacts of Marine Renewables) conference was held April 30 – May 1 2014 on the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides, Scotland, UK. Two hundred scientists from the UK, Europe, and North America came together at the An Lanntair Arts Centre in Stornoway, for two days of oral and poster presentations, with...

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  • All Energy Conference 2014 – Combined Presentation

    7th August 2014 by

      Marine Scotland ran a session at the large All Energy conference in Aberdeen on 21 May.  The session was based around the consenting of the Moray Firth wind farms, and included a series of short talks taking the audience through the licensing timetable, the basis for cumulative impact assessment, how we did CIA for...

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