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  • Outcome of the 2022 annual meeting of the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission

    The annual meeting of the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) has concluded, with parties agreeing on a number of proposals.

    23rd November 2022

  • Joint monitoring of Scottish Marine Protected Areas

    Our science colleagues joined with JNCC recently to conduct a monitoring trip of the West Shetland Shelf Marine Protected Area.

    19th August 2022

  • Studying the critically endangered blue skate

    Our understanding of the distribution, behaviour and biology of the critically endangered blue skate has been greatly increased by recently published research.

    16th March 2022

  • Sharing women’s achievement in our marine directorate

    To mark International Women’s Day (8 March 2022), we are sharing some of the achievements of women working in various roles across the Marine Scotland directorate of the Scottish Government.

    8th March 2022

  • Use of new technologies to better understand changes in oxygen levels in the North Sea

    The Scotland’s Marine Assessment 2020 portal provides a range of information on the health of our seas and how to determine the state of marine ecosystems. One example is the NERC-funded (Natural Environment Research Council) AlterEco project, which is an alternative framework to assess marine ecosystem functioning in shelf seas.

    8th June 2021

  • Choose to challenge – Equity at sea

    This week we not only celebrate British Science Week but International Women’s Day too, so this is a great opportunity to point you to an interesting article co-authored by our colleague, physical oceanographer and Scientist-in-Charge, Dr Berit Rabe.

    11th March 2021

  • Scotia to the rescue

    Colleagues on MRV Scotia came to the assistance of the National Oceanography Centre while out conducting sampling work in the Faroe-Shetland Channel.

    17th November 2020

  • Boarding Safely in the Future

    As an organisation that deals with regulation and enforcement, the COVID-19 pandemic has created some challenges for us and we are committed to doing everything we can to limit the spread of the virus, and to protect our own people as they carry out their duties. Whilst we haven’t stopped all of our surveillance and…

    2nd June 2020

  • Time for Some Marine Themed Fun

    If you’re stuck for some fun, educational things to do at the moment then look no further than our Marine Education Zone. Below, our Comms Team has recommended some of their favourite Marine Scotland themed resources to keep boredom at bay – so check them out and share your creations. You can tweet your finished…

    2nd April 2020

  • Scottish Apprenticeship Week – Mark Rennie

    Scottish Apprenticeship Week is underway and this year’s theme is ‘talent without limits’. We hear from Mark Rennie, Marine Scotland Science, who successfully completed the Modern Apprenticeship programme and has who has been nominated for Engineering Apprentice of the Year. “I applied for a mechanical engineering apprenticeship with the Scottish Government after being made redundant….

    3rd March 2020