• Participation A to Z: accessibility

    12th April 2024 by

    We are beginning a new A-Z series of posts. Each letter of the alphabet will cover a different topic in participation and public engagement. We hope you enjoy this mini-series, and without further ado, we’re kicking things off today with A for Accessibility!  What do we mean by accessibility?  When we talk about accessibility we…

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  • Meet the Scottish Government Digital Engagement Team

    29th February 2024 by

    Who are you and what do you do? Hi, I’m Finlay. I’m a digital engagement manager for the Scottish Government. We’re a small team of 3 but we work with our colleagues all across government to support good digital engagement with you, the public. What that means is we use digital tools like online surveys,…

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  • Countdown to World Children’s Day

    14th November 2022 by

    The Empowered Children and Young People’s Team at Scottish Government celebrate World Children’s Day. They invite young people to sign up to UNICEF’s Voices of Youth project and share the work they’ve been doing to support children’s rights.

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  • Join the team: Senior Digital Engagement Manager

    16th November 2021 by

    We are currently seeking applications for a Senior Digital Engagement Manager to join the Digital Engagement Team.

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  • How the principle of openness guided the public discussion on easing lockdown

    24th July 2020 by

    The understated importance of principles and remembering why we do what we do Talking of principles often causes eyes to glaze over, minds to wander and sleepy heads to nod off… But taking an open approach as our key principle guided us. It made our public discussion a success. Easing lockdown has dominated the media…

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  • Having your voice heard in an online world: Smart Places series

    26th June 2020 by

    Blog by our team member Niamh Webster. Originally published  in the Smart Places illustrated blog series of 7 articles featuring thought pieces from a diverse line up of thinkers, practitioners, experts and leaders in this field. Read the other articles in the series and the full programme of events. With thanks to James Albon for the…

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  • Our journey through consultations

    13th January 2020 by

    We just published our 500th consultation on Citizen Space. Read on to find out about our journey so far.

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  • A journey to website accessibility

    7th October 2019 by

    We’re all striving to make our websites more accessible. With new guidelines coming in soon, we wanted to share the great work being done by Forestry and Land Scotland.

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  • Meet the team

    30th September 2019 by

    What does the Digital Engagement Team at the Scottish Government do? We want to make it easier for people to get involved in government’s work. We provide the tools and expertise so the government can consult and involve the public using the latest in digital technology. Democracy is at the heart of what we do….

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  • We’re hiring a Digital Engagement Manager

    27th February 2019 by

    We are currently seeking applications for a Digital Engagement Manager within the Digital Communications Division based in Edinburgh. The Digital Engagement Team is a specialist unit, responsible for delivering effective online consultation and helping support and promote digital engagement tools and techniques. Digital Communications team is part of the Communications and Ministerial Support Directorate. You…

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