Rural and Environment

  • Get On Your Bike…

    27th July 2017 by

    Daisy Narayanan, Deputy Director of Built Environment for Sustrans, explains the benefits of so called “Active Travel”, reinforcing why it’s a key focus for Government. Choosing to travel actively for short, daily trips benefits more than just our health. It is good for the environment, our wallets and local economies as well. Unfortunately, somewhere along the...

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  • Boost for our bees and butterflies

    27th July 2017 by

    To coincide with the launch of our Pollinator Strategy, Craig Macadam, Conservation Director of Buglife, explains why we have to protect our pollinators. Imagine a world without chocolate. A world without coffee, wildflowers, strawberries, tomatoes. One out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on insect pollination. It is almost impossible to over-emphasise the...

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  • Leading Ideas for Better Lives

    30th March 2017 by

    Graeme Cook Director, Knowledge Exchange and Impact, SEFARI The view from a hilltop can be magical – that sense of space and scale, the feeling of the wind on your face. If you’re lucky you can feel the sun, otherwise it might be the rain or sleet (if we’re talking Scotland). You might be up...

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  • International Day of Forests

    21st March 2017 by

    Today is the UN International Day of Forests 2017. The Scottish Government is committed to planting more trees. We have taken action to increase our planting targets from 10,000 ha a year to 15,000 ha by 2025.

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  • World Wildlife Day

    3rd March 2017 by

    Picture of red squirrel

    How we own, manage, control, conserve, promote, support and develop it matters hugely to this Government’s ambitions for our country and today on World Wildlife Day (Friday 3 March), I’m reflecting on recent successes and the challenges that lie ahead in protecting our wildlife.

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  • City greenspaces

    15th February 2017 by

    I am committed to continuing action on biodiversity protection, habitat restoration and encouraging our citizens to live more active and healthy lifestyles. Earlier this week, right in the heart of urban Scotland, I saw this in action.

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  • Ambitious climate change plans

    25th January 2017 by

    Roseanna Cunningham highlights the policies and proposals at the heart of the new draft Climate Change Plan.

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  • 2017 priorities

    5th January 2017 by

    Roseanna Cunningham explains why 2017 promises to be highly significant for everyone who cares about our environment.

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  • Be flood aware and prepared

    14th December 2016 by

    Stewart Prodger from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s Flood Unit calls on the public to be flood aware and prepared over the festive period.

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  • The EU is vital for environmental research

    25th November 2016 by

    This week I met staff at the Scottish Government’s main rural, agricultural and environmental research institutes in Edinburgh to hear about their concerns over the threats posed by Brexit.

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