Rural and Environment

  • Weekly round-up: 14/12/18

    14th December 2018 by

    COP 2 The United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP24, took place in Poland this week. Climate Change and Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham attended to underline the measures and future actions the Scottish Government’s is taking in the fight against climate change. Just Transition members announced The first members of Scotland’s Just Transition Commission were announced,…

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  • Stability and Simplicity: Proposals for a rural funding transition period

    16th November 2018 by

    For the whole of the Scottish parliament’s lifetime, farm policy and support in Scotland has been determined by membership of the EU, and more specifically CAP. With the UK’s decision to leave the EU, there is no doubt that the year ahead will be difficult. That is why the Scottish Government has made it clear…

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  • Programme for Government 2018/19: Environmental commitments

    3rd October 2018 by

    Following the announcement of the 2018/19 Programme for Government, I’ve set out my key commitments to target the most pressing issues facing Scotland’s environment today. From plastics and waste to marine protected areas, I’ve provided a brief round-up of the measures being taken to address these issues. Plastics and waste We’ve all seen the damaging…

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  • Environmental news round-up

    19th September 2018 by

    It’s been a busy past few weeks for Scotland’s environmental and rural agenda. A number of events, visits and strategies have been taking place in a combined effort to address animal welfare, climate change and environmental damage in Scotland. Further efforts to grow Scotland’s venison sector have also been introduced. Here is our round up…

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  • 29th June 2018 by

    Proposals for an Environment Strategy is an opportunity to establish us as a country that is leading global cation to address environmental challenges, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham writes.

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  • Next steps on environmental governance

    1st June 2018 by

    Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham comments on the Roundtable on Climate Change and the Environment’s environmental governance post Brexit report.

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  • Action on single-use items

    30th May 2018 by

    The Scottish Government is removing single-use coffee cups from its main buildings from SG. Find out more from Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham

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  • Get On Your Bike…

    27th July 2017 by

    Daisy Narayanan, Deputy Director of Built Environment for Sustrans, explains the benefits of so called “Active Travel”, reinforcing why it’s a key focus for Government. Choosing to travel actively for short, daily trips benefits more than just our health. It is good for the environment, our wallets and local economies as well. Unfortunately, somewhere along the…

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  • Boost for our bees and butterflies

    27th July 2017 by

    To coincide with the launch of our Pollinator Strategy, Craig Macadam, Conservation Director of Buglife, explains why we have to protect our pollinators. Imagine a world without chocolate. A world without coffee, wildflowers, strawberries, tomatoes. One out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on insect pollination. It is almost impossible to over-emphasise the…

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  • World Wildlife Day

    3rd March 2017 by

    How we own, manage, control, conserve, promote, support and develop it matters hugely to this Government’s ambitions for our country and today on World Wildlife Day (Friday 3 March), I’m reflecting on recent successes and the challenges that lie ahead in protecting our wildlife.

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