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Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification 2016

29th March 2018

The Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification 2016 was published today. This version updates the previous version (2013-2014) with the latest available settlement population figures and drive time estimates. The definitions of urban and rural areas underlying the classification are unchanged. Due to changes in postcode population densities Barrhead (East Renfrewshire) is now classed as a…

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Scottish Farm Income Statistics 2016-17

8th March 2018

Incomes from commercial farms in Scotland have increased by around 94 per cent. This reverses the decline from the previous year, with incomes recovering to 2014 levels.   Average farm business income rose this year by around £12,800 to £26,400 which shows that the industry has regained some of the decline since 2011. Farm income…

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Total Income from Farming

31st January 2018

Total income from farming is estimated to have increased by £245 million in 2017, after a modest increase in 2016. The Chief Statistician in the Scottish Government today published Total Income from Farming Estimates for Scotland 2015-2017, which contains near-final estimates of Total Income from Farming (TIFF) for 2016 and an initial estimate of 2017 TIFF….

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Scotland’s Cereal Harvest 2017

13th December 2017

Figures published today show Scotland’s 2017 cereal harvest is estimated to have increased four per cent on the 2016 harvest. The latest data, released by the Scottish Government’s Chief Statistician, are on a par with the longer-trend ten-year average.   Scottish farms produced 2.9 million tonnes of cereals this year, including 1.8 million tonnes of barley and…

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Community Ownership is Increasing in Scotland

8th December 2017

The Estimate of Community Owned Land in Scotland 2017 publication was released today. The publication presents the area of land in community ownership, the number of land parcels/assets in community ownership and the number of community groups that own land parcels/assets. The 2017 release is the first Estimate of Community Owned Land in Scotland publication….

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June Agricultural Census 2017 – Results

11th October 2017

  The latest set of figures on farming in Scotland shows increases in cereals, potatoes and sheep, but cattle numbers were down slightly. There was a small increase in the area rented, but the area of secure tenancies decreased. The Scottish Government’s Chief Statistician today released the results from the June 2017 Agricultural Census. There…

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Bank Advances to Scottish Agriculture

13th September 2017

The total outstanding bank debt of Scottish farms increased five per cent over the past year, according to the latest statistics. A survey of the main banks and other lending institutions showed outstanding loans to Scottish farms rose by £113 million in the year to May 31, 2017. Total outstanding loans to the agricultural sector…

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Organic Farming in Scotland, 2016 Statistics

22nd May 2017

The percentage of agricultural land used for organic farming has fallen by four per cent to 122,000 hectares, or 2.2 per cent of agricultural land. This is the eighth consecutive fall in the area of organic land. The fall in area was seen in grassland & rough grazing (down four per cent), and potatoes and…

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Tenanted agricultural land in Scotland 2016/17

28th April 2017

The average cost of renting agricultural land has risen four per cent since last year, new figures show. The Chief Statistician in the Scottish Government today released the latest figures on Tenanted Agricultural Land in Scotland. Average rent for land was £40 per hectare in 2016/17 compared to £39 per hectare the previous year. The…

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December Agricultural Survey 2016 results

17th March 2017

The results of the December 2016 Agricultural Survey show that while winter cereal plantings saw an increase, silage production last year was down. In the livestock sector, there were rises in sheep, pigs and poultry, but cattle numbers fell to their lowest since the 1950s. Yesterday, the Chief Statistician in the Scottish Government released the…

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