MRV Scotia; Survey 0714S – Nephrops Television Survey Update

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It’s been over a week since we left Aberdeen on a grey, foggy day. Normally, at this time of year, these conditions would not be warmly welcomed. However a) we sailed from Aberdeen so didn’t expect much better, and b) these features meant there would be very little wind, which is ideal for the annual North Sea and West coast NephropsTelevision Survey which we were embarking on.

The survey is carried out 24/7 for three weeks (except at the half landing), with teams covering one of three shifts – so as the 0730 to 1600 team are busy launching and recovering the TV sledge, another team is just getting up around midday and another team is asleep. For the midnight to 0730 squad, getting used to having roast beef or curry for breakfast at 1730 takes a bit of getting used to! Each team is responsible for deploying and recovering the TV sledge and recording and reviewing the data and video footage picked up from it.

Scotia crew transfer via RIB

Scotia crew transfer via RIB

On Saturday there was a break from the excitement of watching Nephrops habitat on the monitors (i.e. mud) when MPV Jura came alongside and transferred a member of deck crew to MRV Scotia.  Three other MS Compliance staff received a tour of Scotia before returning to MPV Jura via the RIB.

Scotia Survey 0714S Sledge TV
Scotia Survey 0714S Sledge TV

In the wee hours of Monday morning all the underwater TV stations at Fladen had been successfully completed with the towed sledge, as well as two fishing trawls for collection of  biological samples. The weather has been favourable (for TV operations but not sunbathing), progress is going well and there has been no mutiny – so far!


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