Marine Scotland

  • Annual monitoring and sampling with Scotia

    22nd December 2021 by

    Equipment used for collecting samples

    Marine Research Vessel (MRV) Scotia’s annual survey monitoring and sampling in the North Sea and the Faroe-Shetland Channel (FSC), has ended just in time for Christmas.

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  • Surveying the Sponge Belt

    2nd September 2021 by

    Photo B image showing sponges, brittle stars, crustaceans and a starfish

    Marine Scotland and JNCC have been undertaking the annual MPA monitoring trip in Scottish offshore waters aboard the Marine Research Vessel Scotia.

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  • Collaboration is key for science

    27th August 2021 by

    Nephrops underwater tv survey - August 2021

    Nephrops norvegicus, commonly known as langoustine or Dublin bay prawn, is the second most valuable seafood species landed in Scotland, and was worth over £80 million in 2019.

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  • Understanding behaviour of Northeast Atlantic mackerel

    21st June 2021 by

    sampler being launched from the marine fishing vessel Altaire

    Scientists from Marine Scotland have been involved in a survey sampling mackerel eggs in the Arctic Circle. Four scientists from Marine Scotland, which is the Scottish Government Directorate responsible for the integrated management of Scotland’s seas, joined the crew of the chartered vessel Marine Fishing Vessel (MFV) Altaire to survey mackerel spawning activity within the...

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  • News from our Scotia crew

    18th June 2021 by

    Launching the underwater television sledge from the stern of Scotia

    Colleagues onboard our marine research vessel (MRV) Scotia are nearing the end of their latest survey trip but have made good progress collecting information on the abundance and distribution of Nephrops norvegicus, commonly known as langoustine or Dublin bay prawns.

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  • Choose to challenge – Equity at sea

    11th March 2021 by

    Dr Berit Rabe onboard Marine Scotland research vessel MRV Scotia

    This week we not only celebrate British Science Week but International Women’s Day too, so this is a great opportunity to point you to an interesting article co-authored by our colleague, physical oceanographer and Scientist-in-Charge, Dr Berit Rabe.

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  • Protecting and researching our seas

    25th August 2020 by

    Hirta and Alba at their respective launches

    You may have seen our recent tweet showing the launch of the marine protection vessel (MPV) Hirta, it really is quite a thrilling moment when you watch the vessel hit the water. The MPV Hirta launched in Gdansk, Poland on 17 August 2007 and so began life on the waves as part of our fleet....

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  • Sharks, skates and rays

    13th August 2020 by

    Picture of skate. Crown Copyright

    It’s shark week and with over 30 species of sharks, skates and rays recorded in Scottish waters there’s a lot to celebrate! Sharks are part of the elasmobranch family, which also includes skates and rays. Elasmobranchs differ from other fish in the sea by having a skeletal structure made out of cartilage as opposed to...

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  • Scotia resumes survey programme

    30th June 2020 by

    As with many other aspects of our lives at this time, our marine research vessel (MRV) survey programme of 2020 was significantly affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and ultimately stopped with the lockdown restrictions imposed in March. However, in mid-June the MRV Scotia programme was permitted to resume with survey 0820S – the annual North Sea and West coast Nephrops underwater television survey (UWTV).

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  • Day of the Seafarer

    25th June 2020 by

    Today is International Day of the Seafarer and with three protection vessels and two research vessels we certainly know a thing or two about life at sea. Marine Scotland, and its predecessors, have a long fleet history, with both research and patrol vessels at the heart of our work.

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