MRV Scotia Survey 1716S programme

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Plot showing lat and longs for each core station (solid circle). Please note alternative/additional stations (open circles) will be added as time allows.

Duration: 17 November – 7 December 2016

Fishing Gear: GOV Trawl (BT137) and ground gear D (hoppers).


  1. To participate in the ICES co-ordinated western division demersal trawling survey.
  2. To obtain temperature and salinity data profiles at each trawling position.
  3. To collect additional biological data in connection with the EU data collection framework (DCF).


Scotia will sail on 17 November and (after all safety drills and shakedown trawl shoot) commence fishing operations the following morning on the stations to the west of the Orkneys. Weather conditions at the time will determine the exact start area. Survey schedule and operations will be decided by Scientists-in-Charge (SiC) after daily consultation with Fishing Master and Captain. A half landing with be made around 29 November into Greenock to exchange staff, but the date and port are to be confirmed once the vessel has commenced the survey. The survey will end in Aberdeen on 7 December with all staff and equipment and fishing gear returning to the Marine Laboratory.


One trawl haul of thirty minutes duration will be made at the positions (approximate) shown on the attached chart. Final trawl locations will be decided after SiC consultations with Fishing Master and Captain. For each haul, the Scanmar monitoring system and NOAA bottom contact sensor will be used to observe and record the performance and geometry of the trawl and trawl doors.

Fish Sampling:

All fish will be treated according to current standard research vessel procedures and additional biological data will be collected as determined by EU data regulation 1639/2001 and 1581/2004.

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