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The Lives and Afterlives of Plastic: A nearly Carbon-Neutral Conference

July 26, 2017 by No Comments

Scotland's Seas presentation slideOver the last month New Zealand’s Massey University Political Ecology Research Centre (PERC) has been hosting a conference to address social and environmental issues surrounding: toxicity, waste and plastic. The only difference being that this conference was a nearly carbon-neutral conference being held entirely online.

While traditional conferences involve academics flying from all over the world to a specific venue, emitting huge amounts of fossil fuels into the stratosphere, an online format means that there are no carbon costs associated with transportation.What is Marine Litter slide

Marine Scotland Science had the privilege of being asked to contribute to a particular week regarding Public Awareness of Marine Plastics. Our colleagues Prof Colin Moffat and Dr Marie Russell prepared a vast and thorough presentation, complete with narration, which now appears in week three of the conference entitled: The Evidence to Change the Culture – Issues Around Marine Litter

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