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OSNAP Glider RetrievalThe Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) in Massachusetts contacted Marine Scotland on the 20th February, requesting assistance to retrieve one of their gliders. The glider was deployed near Iceland, but had broken down and had been drifting at the surface since November 2017, and was now approaching the western coast of Scotland …fortuitously near to where MRV Scotia was operating. Marine Scotland scientific staff and crew on board were more than happy to assist. Positional data was relayed to Scotia every five minutes, and despite a high swell and increasing wind conditions, staff successfully visually located the glider on the 21st at 14:30 (even if sea conditions had transformed its original bright yellow colour to a muddier hue). WHOI remotely triggered the release of the nose cone from the glider, releasing a 10 m recovery line designed to aid lifting it on board with a grappling hook.

On retrieval, the glider was remotely powered down and securely stored on deck. The glider will be back in Aberdeen on the 7th March, from where it will be securely packaged for its trip back home. The WHOI was understandably delighted that we were able to help retrieve the valuable equipment. Dr Amy Bower (Senior Scientist, Physical Oceanography) said, “…we had no idea that it would end up so close to Scotland. We will now be able to download the valuable data collected by the glider between May and November as part of the Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Program. Once again, we are most grateful for your willingness to assist!”.

State of the art communications and willing co-operation between the USA and Scotland facilitated this amazing rescue effort (within 24hrs), and all credit is due to the staff involved in this successful outcome.

OSNAP Glider Retrieval 2      OSNAP Glider Retrieval 4      


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