• Collaborating on Open Data in Scotland

    28th September 2021 by

    Blog by Martin Macfie, Head of Open Data in the Scottish Government’s, Digital Directorate. Hi, my name is Martin Macfie and I head up a small team working on Open Data. Our team has two main roles. The first of these is to provide the direction of travel for open data policy in Scotland; the...

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  • Bringing Ethics to the Forefront

    23rd September 2021 by

    A blog by the Data & Intelligence Network(D&IN) comprised of  Scottish Government and our partners. The Data & Intelligence Network (D&IN) was established in May 2020 to provide evidence-based, objective analysis to inform local and national decision-making in response to COVID-19 outbreaks. Our framework Due to the complexity that often can accompany sharing data and...

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  • Linking the people and places of Scotland

    3rd September 2021 by

    Blog by the Data and Intelligence Network Management Office, Digital Directorate, Scottish Government. Working together The Scottish Government’s Data and Intelligence Network (D&IN) use data to support the delivery of business solutions to pressing critical issues which impact the people of Scotland. A new way of Thinking In March 2021, we, the Data & Intelligence...

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  • Getting up close with data standards

    18th August 2021 by

    Blog by Lucie Woellenstein, PhD intern in the Data Standards team, Digital Directorate. My name is Lucie Woellenstein and I am a PhD intern in the Data Standards team within the Open Data & Data Innovations team, in the Digital Directorate, Scottish Government. Some of you may remember my last blog, where I spoke about...

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  • Who is working on Data Standards in the UK and Internationally?

    9th August 2021 by

    Blog by Lucie Woellenstein, PhD intern – Data Standards team, Digital Directorate. For the past couple months, I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to work with the Data Standards team in the Digital Directorate at Scottish Government. My role has been very versatile, and in this blog I want to talk about one piece of work...

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  • Introduction to Data Standards and Open Data in Scottish Government

    13th July 2021 by

    Hi, my name is Shona Nicol and I work in the Scottish Government’s, Digital Directorate and head up a team that covers technical data policy, where I lead on data standards. Along with Martin Macfie, who leads the team on Open Data, we wanted to start a series of blogs on the use of data...

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  • Finding public sector data

    23rd June 2021 by

    Hi, my name is Shona Nicol, and I head up a team in the Scottish Government’s, Digital Directorate, that covers technical data policy, from data standards, open data to data innovation, and I’d like to share the details on a recent CivTech Challenge that I’m sponsoring. The Challenge is ‘How do we use technology to...

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  • Introducing the Digital Ethics People’s Panel

    22nd March 2021 by

    Anna Grant, Senior Policy and Development Officer in the Digital Futures Team at Carnegie UK Trust tells us about the work she is doing with Scottish Government’s Digital Directorate, Involve and 30 Scottish citizens to explore how Scotland can develop as an ethical digital nation and what this means to the people of Scotland. In 2019,...

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  • Research Data Scotland – Progress and priorities

    22nd February 2021 by

    Blog by Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician, Scottish Government and Interim CEO, Research Data Scotland. Research Data Scotland’s mission is to improve the health, economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Scotland by enabling innovation and research through access to data for research in the public good. It will also aim to attract investment into Scotland by...

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  • Data access for the public good

    30th November 2020 by

    Blog by Tom Andrews, Communications and Engagement Manager, Statistics and Data Access Division. The Statistics and Data Access Division has been working with the Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research (SCADR) to make data linkage – the linking of administrative data created by one organisation or department to that from another – in Scotland more...

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