• Designing our Diversity Unconference to be inclusive

    17th March 2017 by

    A look at how we've designed our #scotdigidiversity diversity in digital unconference to be inclusive.

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  • Technology doesn’t have values. People do.

    13th March 2017 by

    Alex Humphry-Baker, Senior UX Designer at Bemo, a mobile digital agency

    Alex Humphry-Baker is a Senior UX Designer at Bemo. She explains how diversity can help make sure that technology isn’t prejudiced, and doesn’t prop up damaging stereotypes. “Once you skip ahead to think technology will either harm everything or solve everything, you’ve effectively removed the need to apply critical thinking.”

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  • Working together on common digital challenges

    10th March 2017 by

    A blog from Colin Cook Later this month, I will be co-hosting an event which will bring people together to consider how to embed digital thinking and business models across the Scottish public sector. The Digital First 2017 event on 22 March offers an opportunity for us all to find out about the great work...

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  • Diversity in digital: why I think it matters

    9th March 2017 by

    Leah Lockhart, Digital Demoncratic Engagement Officer at the Democratic Society

    Leah Lockhart, Digital Democratic Engagement Officer at the Democratic Society, gives us her take on why diversity in Scotland’s digital sector is so important.

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  • How CodeClan helps to get women into Scotland’s digital sector

    2nd March 2017 by

    People sitting at MacBooks learning to code at CodeClan

    Sara Dodd, Head of Curriculum and Accreditation at CodeClan, shares some of the creative ways it’s helping to improve gender representation in the digital workforce.

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  • Why the future of digital tech needs women

    23rd February 2017 by

    Photo of Talat Yaqoob, Director of Equate Scotland

    This is a post by Talat Yaqoob, Director of Equate Scotland. The scale of the challenge According to research carried out  by the Social Market Foundation, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) sector, and the digital skills sector in particular, is growing at double the rate of any other employment sector.

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  • What is an unconference?

    13th February 2017 by

    A pink post-it note with 'what is an unconference?' written on it in black text

    This is a post by Laurna Robertson, one of our content designers. As Sarah Davidson explained in her blog last week – there is a diversity problem in Scotland’s digital sector. Rather than moaning about this, we’re organising an unconference in March. This will give public, private and third sector digital professionals a chance to...

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  • Creating a more diverse digitally skilled workforce in Scotland

    6th February 2017 by

    Diverse team

    This is a blog post by Sarah Davidson, Director General for Communities Since I became the Scottish Government’s Diversity Champion, I’ve become more acutely aware of the places where you see and hear diverse teams and contributions, (and the converse, of course). Our Digital Directorate is one of the more diverse parts of the organisation,...

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  • Diversity myths debunked

    17th January 2017 by

    This is a blog post by Dawn Kofie, one of our content designers: A group of volunteers from across the Scottish Government’s Digital Directorate have been considering how to increase diversity in the digital sector in Scotland. We’ve come up with a plan to get a group of digital professionals together to discuss what’s stopping the...

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  • Learning from Estonia

    3rd October 2016 by

    What do you see when you think of Estonia? Do you think of the 1996 World Cup qualifier in Tallinn when Scotland were the only team on the pitch?. Do you think of one of the least densely populated countries in Europe? Do you think of one of the most digitally enabled countries in the...

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