Marine Scotland

  • Scallop Dredging and Octopus Spotting

    14th July 2017 by

    Last month our Ships Co-ordinator joined the Alba na Mara for a day to observe colleagues during the East Coast Scallop Dredging Survey 0917A. The aim of this visit was to get a better understanding of the scallop dredging process, the equipment and techniques used, and the challenges associated with this sampling method. The feedback…

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  • Can you help us keep track?

    6th July 2017 by

    Marine Scotland is tracking salmon from  uly 2017 and would like your help! Atlantic salmon can migrate thousands of miles –  from home rivers to high seas feeding grounds, and back to spawn – but how they find their home river remains a mystery. A number of historic tagging studies have shown that fish captured in…

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  • There be prawns!

    22nd June 2017 by

    Earlier, we posted information about the 7th research survey that our research vessel, the Alba na Mara was doing. Here we have the final blog from the Scientist in Charge on that survey, Adrian Weetman: Following the long journey from Fladen to the west coast on Monday 12th June, the annual Nephrops Under Water TV Survey began working in…

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  • MRV Scotia: Survey 1416S Programme

    29th September 2016 by

    Duration: 27 September – 9 October 2016 Gear Sea-Bird CTDs, ADCPs and current meter instrumentation, water filtering equipment, freezer, mooring equipment, recovery trawl. Objectives Test the CTD in the Buchan Deep off Peterhead. Perform hydrographic sampling along the JONSIS long term monitoring section in the northern North Sea. Perform hydrographic sampling along the long term…

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