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  • If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it matter?

    4th April 2019 by

    In achiveing global goals, does measuring progress towards them, and being explict about them, really matter? Doreen Grove, Head of Open Government at Scottish Government tell us about her time in Tunisia last week exploring progress in open government progress in achieving Sustainable Development Goals 16. I have just spent three days in the city...

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  • The first citizens’ jury held on healthcare in Scotland: a guest blog

    22nd February 2019 by

    Our Voice logo

    A guest blog written by Erica Reid, Chair of the Oversight Panel of Our Voice Citizens’ Jury. She shares their experience of trying a new approach to involving people in decision-making. This include her personal reflections on attending a meeting where the primary purpose was to hear the public presenting their views to healthcare professionals...

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  • Open Government Action Plan – Official publication documents

    30th January 2019 by

    We are delighted to be publishing Scotland’s second Open Government Action Plan on 31st January 2019, with the Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations, Michael Russell and the Open Government Network. Available now Read the new Action Plan summary This is a shorter summary in Plain English for improved accessibility. This gives you...

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  • Come to the Official Launch of the Open Government Action Plan – 31st Jan, Edinburgh

    7th January 2019 by

    Happy New Year everyone. We are delighted to kick off the new year with the official launch event of the Open Government Action Plan on Thursday 31st Jan 2019, in Edinburgh. You’re invited! The Action Plan will be launched by the Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations, Michael Russell and the civil society...

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  • Thanks for sharing your views – response to public comments

    7th December 2018 by

    Thanks for sending us your views on the draft Action Plan Thanks to everyone who engaged with the draft Action Plan and sent comments. These have helped us improve the commitments, provide more clarity and, in places, helped make them more far-reaching or ambitious. We have incorporated those we could immediately, but where this was...

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  • Action Plan on Open Government complete – launch coming soon!

    5th December 2018 by

    Official submission of the Action Plan to the international Open Government Partnership today. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has been involved. Today we are pleased to be publishing Scotland’s Second Action Plan on Open Government. We have submitted it to the international Open Government Partnership, as is required for all members. Our Action...

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  • Draft Action Plan on Open Government – we want to hear your views

    14th November 2018 by

    Scotland’s Second National Action Plan on Open Government  2018-2020 [DRAFT] as a member of the Open Government Partnership Today we are sharing a draft of Scotland’s Second Action Plan on Open Government to hear people’s views on it before it is published. The Action Plan includes 5 proposed commitments on improvements to openness, transparency, involving...

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  • Coming soon! Action plan on open government

    8th November 2018 by

    [image of paper and pens]

    Finalising the Open Government Action Plan – what’s been happening? Since our last post in mid-October, we’ve been busily trying to finalise the Action Plan. We’re pleased to say we’re getting there, and we’re on track to publish it by the end of the month. The Action Plan includes some ambitious commitments which have the...

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  • Getting down to the nitty gritty: government and civil society working together

    12th October 2018 by

    The second meeting of the representatives from Government and civil society saw the members gathered round a table in a café. They were rolling up  their sleeves and working hard – having a positive and constructive conversation about the actions needed to make Scotland’s governments and systems more open and accessible to the people.  It’s...

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  • What we heard: report of public discussion on future of openness

    10th September 2018 by

    People discuss ideas and possible commitments on participation and improving consultation

    Read the ideas and key themes from public discussion events and engagement. We’re currently working to create a new plan for the government to commit to for the next two years. We wanted to hear from people across the country about the improvements they would like to see and hear their ideas on how the...

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