• The start of my content career

    24th April 2018 by

    This is a blog by Euan McGeechan, former Modern Apprentice and now Associate Content Designer in the Scottish Government’s Digital Directorate. After school I went straight to university, but left when I realised the course wasn’t for me. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I definitely had to find a job. When...

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  • Meeting the CivTech challenge: Wallscope and

    20th December 2017 by

    This is a guest blog post by Emma Findlow, Communications Manager at Wallscope – one of the businesses taking part in this year’s CivTech digital accelerator programme. We live in a world where volumes of information are rapidly growing. This can leave us increasingly uncertain that we’re finding the right information – especially when we’re...

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  • The Service Design Champions Programme: what we thought

    3rd July 2017 by

    Post-it notes with questions written on them, and lego on a table

    The Service Design Champions event was a 4-day introduction to service and user-focused thinking, run by the User Research and Service Design team. Mark Black-Daniels and Dawn Kofie, content designers from, reflect on their experiences of the programme. Why we wanted to do the training MBD: In the work I’ve been doing for the...

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  • GDPR and

    12th June 2017 by

    Here are some of the steps we've been taking to meet new legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), before it comes into force in May 2018.

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  • Designing justice content: subject matter experts’ views

    25th April 2017 by

    Post-it notes with contributions from policy officials who attended the breaking the law content planning workshop in 2016

    We know that effective engagement with subject matter experts plays a huge part in creating content that works. It helps users quickly find easy-to-understand and accurate information, without having to know the ins and outs of Scotland’s public service landscape.

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  • Designing form elements to help users

    24th April 2017 by

    To help service designers across the Scottish public sector create consistent and usable services we have developed a guide for forms.

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  • Re-use it, don’t lose it

    7th March 2017 by

    One of the underlying principles of how we work in the Digital Directorate is the concept of re-use before buy before build. Even if understanding user needs is firmly embedded into an overall approach, when it comes to technology, projects often focus on what they can ‘buy’ or ‘build’. Instead, we’ve been casting our net...

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  • Pop-up Study – Taking research to where our users are

    26th January 2017 by

    This is a blog post by Sam Tilston, one of our user researchers. Pop-ups are a quick and direct user research method. They allow us to take our questions to a wider range of potential users, taking us to where they are, rather than bringing them to the lab. It’s less formal than traditional usability...

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  • Improving for businesses

    23rd January 2017 by

    We’d like to explain some of the work we’ve been doing to try and improve for business users. The aim of is to provide joined-up business sector user journeys across public services, based on user need. Over the last 18 months, key business websites have been integrated into The business portal and...

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  • Diversity myths debunked

    17th January 2017 by

    This is a blog post by Dawn Kofie, one of our content designers: A group of volunteers from across the Scottish Government’s Digital Directorate have been considering how to increase diversity in the digital sector in Scotland. We’ve come up with a plan to get a group of digital professionals together to discuss what’s stopping the...

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