• Creating a more diverse digitally skilled workforce in Scotland

    6th February 2017 by

    Diverse team

    This is a blog post by Sarah Davidson, Director General for Communities Since I became the Scottish Government’s Diversity Champion, I’ve become more acutely aware of the places where you see and hear diverse teams and contributions, (and the converse, of course). Our Digital Directorate is one of the more diverse parts of the organisation,...

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  • Diversity myths debunked

    17th January 2017 by

    This is a blog post by Dawn Kofie, one of our content designers: A group of volunteers from across the Scottish Government’s Digital Directorate have been considering how to increase diversity in the digital sector in Scotland. We’ve come up with a plan to get a group of digital professionals together to discuss what’s stopping the...

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  • Learning from Estonia

    3rd October 2016 by

    What do you see when you think of Estonia? Do you think of the 1996 World Cup qualifier in Tallinn when Scotland were the only team on the pitch?. Do you think of one of the least densely populated countries in Europe? Do you think of one of the most digitally enabled countries in the...

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  • An Update on the Information Sharing Transformation Programme

    29th July 2016 by

    We held a Show and Tell on Friday 22 July to give an update on the Information Sharing national transformation programme led by the Digital Ecosystem Unit (DEU).  We are focusing on the justice sector and working with the Criminal Justice Delivery Unit as our first delivery partner.  Our work supports the aim to have...

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  • Prototyping a life events model for

    23rd March 2016 by

    This is a blog post by the team. life event. noun. a major event that changes a person’s status or circumstances, such as giving birth, getting married, getting divorced, dealing with the death of spouse or losing a job. Life events are often discussed in terms of stress. Our team has been exploring how...

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  • Adding support for victims and witnesses on

    23rd March 2016 by

    This is a blog post by the team. In 2015, the Scottish Government announced a number of changes to improve the help and support available for victims and witnesses of crime in Scotland. This includes giving victims and witnesses better access to information – and we’ve been working with the Scottish Government’s Justice Directorate...

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  • The Digital Participation Challenge Fund 1 ½ years on

    14th March 2016 by

    It’s been 18 months since the launch of the first round of the Challenge Fund back in 2014. Since then 84 projects doing fantastic digital inclusion work in Scotland have been supported by funds from the Scottish Government, with some additional support from BT Scotland. As well as helping people to get online, these funds...

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  • Social Housing – “Connecting the Unconnected”

    12th February 2016 by

    Getting online has never been more important.  Being able to access the internet can open up a whole world of opportunities.  Many of us take it for granted that we can click on the web and shop cheaply, check out the latest job sites, discover key information for our studies or work, book a cut-price...

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  • Supporting Scotland’s businesses

    11th September 2015 by

    Over the last 100 days, we’ve been finalising what’s needed to close the Scottish Business Portal and move the website’s content and tools on to The portal ( was originally designed to bring business service and support information into one place – pulling content via an API from partner websites like Business Gateway, Scottish Enterprise,...

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  • Open Badges at CoderDojo Scotland

    17th November 2014 by

    Activities at CoderDjo Scotland

    A guest blog from Craig Steele, Project Manager at CoderDojo Scotland CoderDojo is a global movement that aims to get more young people involved with computer programming and technology. We run computer coding clubs for young people where they can learn to build their own apps, websites, games, and more. Our workshops are run by volunteers...

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