• Online Identity Assurance – See you in 2019

    20th December 2018 by

    Just over a year ago, our first blog post heralded the announcement of our ‘Online Identity Assurance’ programme. Since then, the project team has had a productive and enjoyable 12 months. We have commissioned and undertaken extensive research about the experiences of people who use services online and in person, and also done the same…

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  • Online Identity Assurance – Voices: Ruchir Shah

    7th December 2018 by

    As you will have seen from our last blog post, the Scottish Government’s Online Identity Assurance programme is moving into a new phase. Our work has been greatly enhanced by the input of our key stakeholders. Ruchir Shah, Head of Policy at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations and a leader in the Open Government…

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  • Online Identity Assurance – Collaborating through OIX

    28th November 2018 by

    As we have documented in some of earlier posts, the process of developing a common approach to how people can prove their identity for accessing government services online in Scotland is a complex one. Wherever you look, there are questions to be answered: What information do different agencies need to serve the needs of their…

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  • Online Identity Assurance – Thank you stakeholders

    1st November 2018 by

    The Online Identity Assurance team held its third and final Stakeholder Group meeting of 2018 this week, bringing together a wide range of people with interest in our work. The meeting, chaired by Scottish Government’s Chief Data Officer Roger Halliday at Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh, brought together 15 individuals from our Stakeholder Group, 11 who…

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  • Online Identity Assurance – Working with OIX

    22nd August 2018 by

    In our last blog post, we outlined what we want to achieve in the next phase of our Online Identity Assurance project, the Alpha. We have looked at best practice worldwide, especially the way that the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) have collaborated with the private sector to tackle common issues around digital identity verification…

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  • Online Identity Assurance – Pre-Alpha

    27th July 2018 by

    Hello and welcome to the Online Identity Assurance team’s latest blog post. As you may have read in our earlier posts, the team is working to develop a common approach to online identity assurance for access to public services. This is the process where a person seeking to access a public service digitally can sign…

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  • Online Identity Assurance – an open approach

    22nd June 2018 by

    Our Online Identity Assurance project is in the final stages of its first phase, ‘Discovery’. Great – but what have we learned during that Discovery phase? Earlier this week, the project team – in the spirit and practice of Open Government – discussed our service design and technical options research with members of our National…

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  • Online Identity Assurance – Listening to your views

    1st June 2018 by

    As we enter June, preparations are now in full swing for the next Online Identity Assurance National Stakeholder Group meeting on Tuesday 19 June. At that meeting, people who use Scottish public services, representatives of organisations that provide them and anyone else who wants to attend will get the latest update on what we in…

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  • Online Identity Assurance – approaching the next phase

    18th May 2018 by

    As the Online Identity Assurance project gets set to enter its next phase, recent activity has been focussed on capturing what we have learned since the project kicked off last year. Past months have seen the Scottish Government project team work closely with members of the public, a range of partner organisations and technical specialists…

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  • Online Identity Assurance – focus on technical

    13th April 2018 by

    As you will have seen from our earlier blog posts, our work has been focussed so far on understanding the challenges associated with developing a common approach for online identity assurance in accessing public services. ASE/Consult Hyperion are providing support in identifying the technical options for this work. Here, Steve Pannifer from Consult Hyperion offers…

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