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Mackerel and Eggs on the Altaire

May 29, 2018 by No Comments

MFV Altaire departed Ullapool at 1400hrs on the 22nd May to begin survey 0118H.

Onboard during this exploratory mackerel egg survey we have an international scientific complement including scientists from: Scotland, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands.

Flowmeter calibration deployments were completed successfully in the Minch, west of Melvaig, and the Altaire is now proceeding to the first sample station on SW Rockall Bank. Sampling using the Gulf VII plankton sampler will then proceed in a westerly direction on the same latitude and with a spacing of one degree longitude.

Conditions are perfect with a 5 knot SW breeze.

Further Information:

Rockall and Mackerel – Survey 0118H Programme


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