Scallops, Starfish and Heavy Metal

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MRV Alba na Mara

Survey: 1019A Programme

Duration: 15 June – 04 July 2019

Fishing Gear: Scallop dredges

Objectives:Survey station locations for scallop dredge survey 1019A

  1. Carry out a survey of scallop stocks on the East Coast.
  2. Age, measure and assess shell damage on all scallops caught.
  3. Collect information on by-catch of other commercial fish and shellfish species.
  4. Identify and quantify numbers of starfish species in all dredge tows.
  5. Collect frozen whole scallops for heavy metal testing as part of the OSPAR assessment of hazardous substances in the marine environment..
  6. Carry out camera trials if conditions and time allow.
  7. Record and retain marine litter obtained during the dredging process (monitoring for Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)) Procedure.

Scallop dredge hauls will be made at sites used on previous surveys as shown in Figure 1. Hauls will be of 30 minutes duration. From each haul all of the scallops will be measured to the half centimeter below and aged. In addition, numbers and size distribution of commercial fish and shellfish species will be recorded along with scallop shell damage and starfish numbers and species. Scallops (10 individuals per station) will also be collected from selected sites and frozen for heavy metal analysis back at the laboratory. Any litter collected in the dredges will be recorded as set out in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and placed in bags to be disposed of on return to port. Camera trials will be carried out if conditions and time allow – with the aim being to collect footage of the fishing gear while in operation.

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