• Introducing

    17th February 2015 by

    This is a post by Peter Smith, Product Owner for alpha and beta From today you can see the beta version of This marks the start of a phase in which we will continually add content and features to the site, making use of the tools and processes we have been developing since the...

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  • Setting up a cost effective user research lab

    10th December 2014 by

    Our user research / usability lab is very simple and cheap solution for everyday activities – coming in well under normal costs. It is relatively portable,  procurement and health and safety supervision free and can be setup within minutes. We tested a number of more advanced setups based on Apple TV and/or Wi-Fi solutions but all of...

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  • Open Badges at CoderDojo Scotland

    17th November 2014 by

    Activities at CoderDjo Scotland

    A guest blog from Craig Steele, Project Manager at CoderDojo Scotland CoderDojo is a global movement that aims to get more young people involved with computer programming and technology. We run computer coding clubs for young people where they can learn to build their own apps, websites, games, and more. Our workshops are run by volunteers...

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  • Alpha review: University of Stirling guest post

    1st October 2014 by

    This is a guest post from Kathy McCabe, Stacie Lindsay and Ryan Kaye from the University of Stirling When the University of Stirling were given the opportunity to feedback our views on alpha, my colleagues and I jumped at the chance – this was our opportunity to help shape a service that will put the people...

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  • The vast potential of digital public services

    24th September 2014 by

    This is our first guest blog post by Kathryn Wane, Policy Officer at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO). More public services are going digital. It’s time to ask “what would you like to do online?” Let’s be ambitious! I’m guessing you’re online or else you wouldn’t be reading this blog. So as you’re...

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  • glossary

    21st September 2014 by

    This is a post by Donald Izuagba, one of our Business Analysts within the team This glossary is a summary of key phrases used in the development of If you’d like to know more about a term that’s not covered here, please let us know.

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  • Five principles for generating usable user research

    9th September 2014 by

    This is a post by Cat Macaulay, our User Research Lead and is part of our series on Standards & Guidelines Building a user research practice into a large and complex project like is a pretty daunting task. So as we start out on this journey, we wanted to try and give ourselves some...

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  • Dipping into design – composition fundamentals

    8th September 2014 by

    Design elements describe basic ideas around the practice of good visual design. These elements include colour, shape, texture and space. I’m going to dip into an aspect of this, exploring some fundamentals of composition, as this helps set the scene for the work we will be doing / have done so far. We started with composition and typography – our fundamentals...

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  • Security within agile environments

    5th September 2014 by

    This is a post by Neil Campbell, our Information Security Officer and is part of our series on Standards & Guidelines Security within agile environments can be challenging. There’s a need to juggle a large number of competing factors including velocity, compliance requirements, ambitions around user experience and adherence to standards – all while maintaining...

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  • From a to b (alpha to beta)

    5th September 2014 by

    This is a post by Peter Smith, Product Owner for Alpha and Beta Alpha is now live and in use. So far we’ve had over 44,000 page views and 1,800 users visit the site. We anticipate this to increase when we make a more formal public release from November.  

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