• Architectural concepts: a quality attributes overview

    29th August 2014 by

    This is a post by Graham Beedie, our Technical Architect and is part of our series on Standards & Guidelines We know designing and building high quality software is tough. The ability to define and measure the quality of delivered software is a desired, but all too often unmet ambition. In order to fully explain what we mean...

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  • Consistent content style, saying goodbye to jargon

    27th August 2014 by

    This is a post by Rachel Caldwell, our Content Designer (NHS 24) and is part of our series on Standards & Guidelines Have you ever gone to a website looking for answers, started reading what’s there, and quickly felt like you need a translator to make sense of all the jargon? It’s a common complaint....

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  • Defining our work for standards and guidelines, an introduction

    11th August 2014 by

    This is post by Calum Shepherd, our Head of Digital Strategy and is part of our series on Standards & Guidelines The term standard  can mean different things when used by different people, so it’s important we are clear about our usage with you. We have opted not to use standards as a single way of describing material created...

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  • Isle of Coll Mobile Phone Project

    8th August 2014 by

    Known for its sandy beaches, dark skies and the home to Katie Morag, the Isle of Coll is entering the digital revolution – with its own mobile phone mast. The project will see the island gain mobile phone coverage for the first time in its history and will be the first Scottish island with 4G...

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  • Alpha now available to Scottish Government staff

    7th August 2014 by

    This is a post by Tom Meade, our Programme Manager We’ve been working on an alpha release for the past 10 weeks, learning a lot along the way. So what is the alpha? Alpha is our way of trying to see if we’re doing the right thing for our users. It’s our ambition that overtime,...

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  • User testing in alpha

    2nd July 2014 by

    This is a post by Paul Wheatley, our Senior UX Designer With we have taken a user-centred approach to design. Practically, this involves a number of methods, but the most important is that we conduct regular testing with real users at least once every fortnight on an on-going basis.

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  • Our early thoughts on URLs

    25th June 2014 by

    This a post by Calum Shepherd, our Head of Digital Strategy. In the simplest terms a URL is the location of a web page that you visit in your web browser. Handily, if you ever need to visit that web page again in the future, you can use its URL to go directly to it. You may...

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  • Analysing what will be by David Bell, lead business analyst

    6th June 2014 by

    Business analysis is often at the forefront of major business and internet change programmes, but what role does it play in I’m one of a small team of business analysts (BAs) working within the programme. Within the early stages of the programme we have focussed on various aspects to help define what

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  • Why Agile?

    6th June 2014 by

    Why Agile? To a lot of people, Agile is just a fad, a new approach to software development that keeps post-it makers and whiteboard marker manufacturers enjoying the good life. It may work for start-ups, Google and Facebook type organisations but it won’t work here. It’s a passing fad like Six Sigma, Total Quality Management...

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  • Spotlight on Digital Economy

    19th May 2014 by

    The Scottish Government has a vision for Scotland to be a world-leading digital nation by 2020. Our vision is underpinned by the need to ensure Scotland’s businesses; public services; and citizens have the confidence, capability and skills to take full advantage of the benefits the digital economy can bring. The term ‘digital’ in this context...

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