Collecting Cameras and Grabbing Samples

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MRV Scotia

Survey: 1619S

Duration: 26 October – 1 November 2019


Day grab; sieve table; time lapse cameras and associated moorings, acoustic device mooring with broadband receiver.


  1. Recover the time lapse cameras used to assess the macro benthic ecology of drill cuttings around the Murchison oil field.
  2. Deploy an acoustic mooring at approximately 60 NM east of Arbroath for Joint Monitoring Programme for Ambient Noise North Sea (JOMOPANS) Project.
  3. Undertake grab sampling to assess carbon content on the sediment samples captured.


MRV Scotia will depart from Aberdeen Harbour and make passage to the decommissioned Murchison platform. The completion of the survey work will be heavily dependent on the prevailing weather conditions encountered and a daily plan will be agreed between the Scientist-in-Charge (SIC), Captain and Fishing Master.

Time Lapse Camera

Six time lapse cameras deployed during survey 0619S in April 2019 will be collected from the seabed. One of the seven initially deployed cameras has already been collected.

Acoustic Mooring Deployment

An acoustic mooring will be deployed approximately 60 NM due east of Arbroath. This mooring is composed of an anchoring chain, an acoustic release device for its retrieval and two sound recording devices.

Grab Samples

Grab samples of surface sediments will be collected to be sampled for carbon content. Grabs will be taken at regular intervals during steaming activity to assess the changes in sediment carbon content in relation to distance from land.  A cluster of grabs will be done in the Firth of Forth area if time allows.

Hydrographic Sampling

Surface water parameters will be monitored and recorded constantly with the ship’s thermosalinograph. Water samples will be taken from the same locations where grab sampling will be done.

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